Best Engagement Rings Brands

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best engagement ring brandsIf you are out in the market looking for a stunning engagement ring, there is no time like the present – there are a few specific brands of experts making gorgeous pieces that are both durable and stunning to look at, full of character and charm, perfectly combining their craft with attractive pricing.

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All of these qualities together result in those select brands absolutely standing out from the competition, and making them worthy of being considered the very best engagement ring brands on the market right now. If you’re interested in discovering them, then read on – let’s begin!

Best Engagement Ring Brands Compared

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Top 3 Best Engagement Rings Brands

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the best engagement ring brands on the market, as well as some excellent models they offer, ensuring you find the perfect one for you. Whether it is an engagement ring or clothes or appliances, we all look for the most trustworthy brands – and that makes sense because reputation is something to be respected, it shows integrity, quality and prestige. Our picks bring an unmatched amount of experience and finesse coupled with market research to every product on their shelves. That makes even an average design shine through the glass and right out the store on your finger. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the finest manufacturers in the business of engagement rings.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsAngara has been in the gemstone business for a long time with roots in cutting, polishing and design. They are kings and thorough professionals when it comes to making rings with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, among other things. Since 2005, they have been catering to the jewelry needs of the public and delivering directly to individuals (before that it was for large retailers).

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Today, they are one of the best engagement ring brands out there and their collection reflects that. They have a collection with rings that come in over 30 gemstones in platinum, gold and silver. You can get them in over a dozen styles and shapes. The shipping is free and some of them even come with a summer discount. For example:

Vintage Style Claw-Set Round Aquamarine Halo Ring: This is a diamond ring with a claw around the stunning sea blue gemstones. It is made of the best-quality gemstone which is 1.46 carats. It is made of white gold and comes in ring sizes 3 to 14.

It has a diamond embellishment on the sides that are all neatly arranged in vintage style in a prong setting. They offer free shipping and have a 30-day return policy for the purchase.

As an added bonus, there is a summer discount of 10 percent and you can pay for the whole thing in three convenient installments. You can also get an additional free gift with the purchase. Read the offer terms carefully to see if you qualify.

Round Diamond Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring: This is a diamond engagement ring with an H SI2 quality gemstones of 3/4 carats. It is crafted in 14k white gold and is perfect for those who want an elegant engagement ring.

It has a tapered shank that is set in a classic design. The brilliant-cut diamond solitaire appears even more glorious in that setting. It is simple and sophisticated, all at the same time.

This ring too comes with free shipping and a 30-day return option. You can pay for it in two or three installments depending on your convenience. There is a 10 percent discount on the overall purchase and a free gift offer.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsSecond, on the list of the best engagement rings brands, is Kobelli Rings with its stylish and exhaustive list of engagement rings. They have a series of platinum and gold rings in over 10 different shapes and sizes. And you have the choice of about 10 different gemstones to commemorate that special moment.

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These good folks have been in the business for over four decades and know the ins and outs of diamond import, cutting and polishing. They also promise that the diamonds are conflict-free which is always a good reason to consider while picking a manufacturer. It’s a great way to avoid blood on your hands, quite literally. Don’t you think? Now, a look at their collection.

Classic Solitaire Round Brilliant Moissanite Engagement Ring: This is a simple yet elegant diamond ring from Kobelli. It is a sign of classic grandeur in the round, brilliant cut with a solitaire in 14-karat white, yellow or rose gold. It has six prongs to carry the gemstone in a traditional peg head setting with a knife-edge band in gold.

The stone is lab-created moissanite that weighs the equivalent of a one-carat diamond. Moissanite is known for its superior fire and unclouded clarity so you have nothing to worry about. It is also meant to last a lifetime, just like the love for your partner. It is available in ring sizes 4 to 11 in white, yellow or rose gold.

Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring 1 Carat (Ctw) in 14k White Gold: If you are looking for a hint of color in your engagement ring, consider this one. It is designed to look like there is a star-like halo around the sapphire.

The beautiful round blue 5 mm gemstone is surrounded by 14k white gold metal. If you are going for a sophisticated look, this one with 48 natural white diamonds is a great pick. It is available in ring sizes 4 to 11. You can pay for it in multiple installments and there is a discount too.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsOne of the best things about looking at established brands of jewelers is that there are a ton of options and the pickings only get better with each find. That brings us to Super Jeweler Rings.

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These folks manage and run a staff with over 50 years of experience in the diamond and gemstone business. And you can see that in the work they put into the design, style and shape combinations. That is just one of the things that makes them one of the best engagement rings brands in the market.

Their experience guides them into making exactly what you want and if you don’t find it on their shelves, you can always ask them to custom make it. Thes engagement rings are made with some of the highest-quality gems at a phenomenal turnaround time.

1 1/4 Carat Vintage Moissanite Engagement Ring In 14-Carat White Gold: This is a beautiful engagement ring from their moissanite engagement rings collection. It is featured in vintage design and has a sparkling one-carat moissanite in E-F color and VVS1-VVS2 clarity in the center. There are 20 moissanites accented on the sides and they are all 0.28 carats. The total weight of the gems is 1.28 carats and it comes in a 14-karat white gold ring. You can pay for it in installments and there is no interest if you pay the full amount within six months of purchase. Plus, there is a 60-day no-hassle return.

2/3 Carat Round Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring In 14K White Gold: If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, take a look at this one. It is a classic solitaire ring with a ⅔-carat diamond in round shape, H-I color and SI2-I1 clarity. It comes in 14-carat white gold. It also has a 60-day no-hassle return and can be paid for in installments.

Bottom Line

If you go on the internet and look for engagement rings, you will find a ton of options. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But when you pick a brand, you can rest assured that the makers and the staff have the experience that is matched by no one else. When it comes to things like diamond rings, you also want to make sure that the company is not on ethically sketchy lines.

It is a great gesture to give newcomers a shot but maybe letting them pick your engagement ring may not be the best idea. After all, you have to live with it forever.

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