best engagement ring designs

Best Engagement Rings Designs

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How does one pick an engagement ring with the best design? They often say that picking jewelry is not a man’s game. Well, many a man has picked stunning engagement rings and popped the question with absolute elegance. So, let those stereotypes hit the trash can where they belong.

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But yes, maybe it is not every man’s cup of tea. But thank the internet overlords for giving you a way out of every awkward situation. Picking the one from some of the best engagement ring designs is not a piece of cake. But it can be if you follow a few simple guidelines. That is what we are here to help you with.

Budget: This is the best starting point. You have heard that an engagement ring should cost you two or three months of your salary. You know where we stand when it comes to stereotypes around here. So, throw that one into the trash can too. These are rules created by the industry to keep you buying some of the most expensive jewelry. And the fact is, none of them really are the best engagement ring designs. Determine the budget based on your financial situation and what your partner likes. And remember that weddings can be expensive. So, leave a little wiggle room in there.

Style: The second step is to pick a ring your partner will cherish. So think about their individual style by sneaking a peek into their existing jewelry. See if their choice of metal, make and model. Is it some kind of gold? Is the design more towards vintage or modern? You should also get a good look at their clothing to estimate what will work best with it, if they choose to wear the engagement ring 24 x 7. Typically, those who like floral and vintage stuff like ornate halo rings. But you be the judge. You can also talk to their closest friends and family members to gain insights.

Shape: Some of the best designs depend on the shape of the diamond. Personal preference is on top of this parameter because you will have a ton of choices from heart-shaped rings to ovals. If your partner likes the classics, look for round brilliant solitaire rings or cushion cuts with a pave band. If they like unique items, you may try a pear-shaped ring.

Metal: This is another key decision. You will typically have the pick between platinum, gold and silver. But manufacturers are getting creative with Elysium and other alternative choices. This is another opportunity for you to take a look at your partner’s existing choices and decide. Those who like colors often gravitate towards metals like rose gold. And always remember that white gold is more affordable than platinum unless that is not an issue at all.

In Conclusion

There are so many other aspects to picking an engagement ring with the finest design but this is a good starter kit. You can raid a few websites equipped with this information. You will have a ton of questions afterward and those are for another rainy day. Good luck.

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