best wedding ring for chubby fingers

Best Engagement Rings for Chubby Fingers

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Yes, preference and taste are extremely important when picking out an engagement ring—after all, you’ll probably be wearing this ring for life, so it helps to like your ring! However, one factor that’s overlooked constantly is choosing an engagement ring that suits the finger type.

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Each hand is unique and therefore, each finger. Therefore, not all rings look great on all types of fingers. Many owners of chubby fingers, especially, bemoan their fingers, wishing they’d been slender and long enough to make any ring look good on them. If you belong to this gang, you’re actually in luck—not only because you have larger fingers that can make a range of rings look great, but also because we’re here to tell you which range of rings can look great on your fingers!

Ready to know how to find the best engagement rings for chubby fingers? Let’s get right to it!

Finding the Best Engagement Rings for Chubby Fingers

While it is true that slender fingers can carry off every style without any hassle, larger fingers can rock bold, statement pieces without breaking a sweat. Where these would look overwhelming and unflattering on thinner fingers, they look amazing on larger fingers.

Therefore, when picking out an engagement ring for larger fingers, look for designs that cover the finger, either with a big-enough gemstone or ring design. Thin bands will look small on a wide finger. Slightly thicker bands also work great on larger fingers, but too thick a band will emphasize the width and chubbiness, so find a balance that works.

Additionally, the following gemstone cuts/designs will look great on chubby fingers:

East to West Orientation: This provides great coverage and stretches the gemstone across the finger, perfectly balancing out the finger’s width and height.

Double Halo Ring Setting: This versatile style is all kinds of sparkly and brilliant, leading to a luxurious result. These rings beg your attention and are great for larger fingers.

Split Shank Rings: Split shank rings make for the best engagement rings for chubby fingers, thanks to their creating the illusion of width sans the bulkiness. This balances out the finger and the ring evenly.

Geometric Rings: Geometric and asymmetrical rings can draw attention away from the finger’s width, focusing on the style instead. These minimize skin show, provide great coverage and suit wide fingers.

When it comes to styles to avoid, those with larger fingers should stay away from square designs and gem cuts, as these make fingers appear stubbier. Marquise, oval and pear shapes are better options, either vertically or horizontally. Round diamond cuts are also great; their neutrality flatters all finger shapes. Additionally, stay away from minimalist designs, as these can seem underwhelming on larger fingers.

The Final Word

The right ring can make any finger look attractive, downplaying the features that you don’t want emphasized while focusing on and highlighting the ones that you do want to show off.

If you’ve got chubby fingers, there’s no reason to hide them or shy away from showing them off—the right ring will work wonders and since you now know what the right ring is, it may be time to drop a hint to your partner!

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