best engagement ring for fat fingers

Best Engagement Rings for Fat Fingers

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Picking the right engagement ring takes time and also trying out various styles. Some styles and cuts will highlight the best features of your hand, as well as fingers and reduce the focus on the less attractive features. To help you find the perfect engagement ring for your unique hand and finger shape, here is a guide that will help to begin your search.

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The first thing to do before shopping for an engagement ring is to determine the shape and size of your hand and considering the length, as well as the width of your fingers. Also, take into consideration whether your nails are short or long because longer nails make your finger look longer. In this article, we will give you a lowdown of the best engagement rings for fat fingers.

Best Engagement Rings for Fat Fingers

Fat or thick fingers can be problematic when buying your engagement ring. The width of your finger detracts from smaller rings, as well as smaller cuts very easily. Also, a small ring or thin band emphasizes your finger’s thickness.

The trick to picking the best engagement rings for fat fingers is to select a larger style that shows less of your skin, especially on the sides of the stone, otherwise, your fingers will look wider and fatter. But, having fat fingers also gives you more room to choose varying styles ranging from classic to funky or a style that makes a statement.

If you have the budget to spend, then it’s a good idea to choose large carat diamonds because they not only look better, but they also look prominent on your finger. Opt for a wide rectangular, oval, emerald or marquise shape. Avoid narrow stones because this will only make your fingers look fatter.

If you don’t have a generous budget, then you can choose other styles and settings that make your ring look much larger and attract more attention. For instance, a halo style ring makes a smaller center diamond look much larger and also enhances its sparkle. Or, you could choose a ring with a cluster, geometric setting or a 3-stone setting that does a good job of highlighting your ring and taking away the attention from your finger.

You could choose an antique-style engagement ring with a rectangular or oval motif. The ring’s width is perfect for your finger and the micro-pave diamonds or filigree make it very stylish. Engagement rings with five stones are also a good option. They usually taper from a central stone that is larger to smaller-size stones at the ends, creating a nice, slimming effect.

Always choose an engagement ring with a medium-to-thick band of more than 3 mm width. You could also opt for a modern looking engagement ring that has a band of the same width as the gemstone you pick. This will ensure that the entire ring has a low-profile and sleek look. Also, asymmetrical designs, as well as angular shapes help to minimize the width of your finger.

There is no cause to worry if you have fat fingers. You are in no way restricted in your choices. In fact, you’re sure to find excellent options that people with other hand shapes do not have. Take some time and try out a few engagement rings to see which makes your hand look flattering before you make your purchase decision.

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