best wedding ring for long fingers

Best Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

Just like your love for each other, everything about your future spouse is unique, including his or her fingers! Therefore, what may look like a perfect ring on one finger may not look so peachy on someone else’s. So while it may seem foolproof to pick out the best-looking ring in the showroom, we’re here to tell you that just may not be the case.

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While picking out an engagement ring, it’s important to take into consideration not just yours and your potential partner’s preferences, but also the shape of the hand and the finger type. Depending on whether your partner’s hand is small, large, short fingered, long fingered, or large knuckled, the same ring can end up looking vastly different.

If you’re shopping for a long fingered partner, you’re in luck—we’ll take out the guesswork and tell you how to find the best engagement rings long fingers can rock!

Choosing the Best Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

If you have a partner who has long fingers, not only is he or she lucky for being blessed with fingers that look good in literally anything, but you are too, since the job of picking out a ring gets 10 times easier.

Those with long fingers can rock almost any look, from intricate, elaborate bands to bold and extravagant artsy pieces. With other finger types, you’ll have to consider the width and length of the finger in addition to the overall size of the hand and see what stone, shape, size, style and width of the ring are, but with long fingers, the standard formula of “finger length x width + ring shape + style = perfect match” can mostly be ignored when dealing with long fingers.

The following points will help you pick out the best engagement rings long fingers can look good in:

Wider bands complement long fingers.

Round stones, princess cut, Asscher and cushion-cut gemstones look great on long fingers.

Someone who loves bold styles? Go for it—long fingers carry these extravagant styles well!

Stay away from elongated shapes and thin bands, as these further emphasize the length of the finger—the disproportionate length of the finger will be making heads turn, instead of how beautiful the ring looks on the finger! This means staying away from vertically-set gemstone cuts like marquise, oval and pear shapes, especially on thin bands.

The Bottom Line

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Finding an engagement ring to suit long fingers is quite simple because of the finger length. Almost anything looks good on them and there are relatively fewer things you have to worry about staying away from. You may also want to factor in the nail shape and length and whether your partner wears them generally short, shaped, long, or manicured—longer nails also lengthen the finger’s appearance, like thin bands and long gemstones, so nails matter too.

However, don’t be too obsessed with finger types and lengths; ultimately, your partner will potentially wear this for life, so it’s got to be something they love wearing, not just look good wearing.

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