best engagement ring for nurses

Best Engagement Rings for Nurses

For a practicing nurse, a large part of the day is spent working with the hands. Often the hands come in contact with various kinds of chemicals, medications and disinfectants. Nurses also have to wash their hands frequently to ensure everything is clean for handling patients. But when such a large part of the job includes working with the hands, what does that mean for wearing any jewelry on the fingers? If it was any kind of decorative jewelry, nurses could still forego wearing them. But what happens to wedding bands or engagement rings—jewelry that has sentimental value?

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If you are a nurse and are looking for engagement rings that you can wear while at work without damaging your special piece of jewelry, you may want to think of the following factors. Considering these factors is a good way to find the best engagement rings for nurses:


While engagement rings are typically gold, that may not be the most suitable option for a practicing nurse. They may want to consider a metal that has greater durability, such as platinum. A platinum band can also be polished as you would gold and it would be a lot more scratch resistant. Gold is a soft metal that does not do well with prolonged exposure to water, disinfectants and the elements.


A bezel finish makes for one of the best engagement rings for nurses. The bezel finish is smooth which prevents dirt and dust from settling into the grooves. The smooth finish of the ring will also ensure somebody else does not get scratched while the nurse is working on a patient. If the jewelry is clean, the nurse will also prevent passing on germs or exposing a vulnerable person to grime, etc.


As a nurse, the idea is to wear jewelry that is unobtrusive. If a nurse wears a solitaire ring, it is likely to get caught in the gloves they have to wear (though if they are in surgery, all jewelry will need to be removed as part of the protocol).

A stone that is jutting out will also get caught in things during a busy workday or may cause injury to a patient or fellow colleague. It is best to look at lower setting designs as they make for the best engagement rings for nurses, since the stone is located closer to the hand.


It is important to look at an engagement ring that does not require serious maintenance. At the end of a long workday or during a hectic shift in the emergency room, a nurse certainly does not want to be worrying about whether their engagement ring may get damaged.

Therefore, the best engagement rings for nurses are the ones that are low maintenance and easy to care for. Some nurses choose to avoid wearing their engagement ring at work altogether, or perhaps even wear it as a pendant around their neck.

In Conclusion

A nurse’s job is a difficult and important one. This is one of the few jobs that will certainly impact the choice of jewelry one buys. Before considering how the ring looks, a nurse must consider everyday comfort and safety while working at their job.

However, this does not mean a nurse must forego wearing their engagement ring or settle for a piece of jewelry they do not like. Consider all the factors mentioned above and you will certainly find something that fits the bill for you.

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