best wedding ring for small fingers

Best Engagement Rings for Small Fingers

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Finding the perfect engagement ring means finding a ring that suits your personality and style. Another important thing is to make sure that the ring compliments your finger.

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Not all rings suit every type of finger. But don’t worry if you have slender fingers, we are here to help you find the best engagement rings for small fingers.

Finding the Best Engagement Rings for Small Fingers

Size of the Stone

It is always best to go for stones of smaller sizes if you have small fingers. This makes the finger look wider and ensures that it is not completely engulfed by the stone.

Avoid larger diamonds—anything more than 2 carats might make your finger look odd. The added advantage is that, on slender fingers, smaller diamonds appear bigger than they are.

Cut of the Stone

Opt for a ring with softer diamond shapes like round cuts or cushion cuts. As these are wider cuts they make the ring look fuller on your finger.

Ring Setting

Prong, pave and bezel settings compliment slender fingers very well. Accent diamonds set in thin channels on the band also look good on small fingers. Three stone settings in which two smaller stones flank a larger center stone also make your finger look wider than usual.


Always go for thicker bands as these help create an illusion of width. Band sizes that are proportionate to the stone size complement small fingers well.


Avoid extravagant designs—a minimalistic approach is always a foolproof way to go. While some stacking looks good on slender fingers, don’t opt for overly stacked or clunky styles as these can make your finger look disproportionate.

Our Top 5 Picks

Vintage-Style Claw Set around Aquamarine Halo: This 1.46-carat round-cut aquamarine from Angara set in a halo of accent diamonds with its thin channel of diamonds flanking the center stone is the perfect accessory to complement small fingers.

Cushion Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring: This cushion-cut moissanite ring from Kobelli with two stacks of small diamond bands above and below the ring creates the perfect illusion to make your fingers look wider.

Pave Halo Round Ring: A round-cut diamond in the center with small sparkling diamonds encircling it in a pave setting with just the right amount of stacking make this piece by Super Jewelers the perfect match for your slender fingers.

Three-Stone Moissanite Ring: This brilliant piece from Super Jewelers, which flaunts a round-cut center stone flanked by two smaller round-cut stones crafted in a bezel setting, ticks all our boxes in our search for the best engagement rings for small fingers.

Moissanite Six-Prong Ring: This round-cut moissanite ring from Kobelli comes with the added attraction of accent diamonds crafted in a thin channel setting on the band.

You don’t have to get disheartened anymore by the limited options that suit your small fingers. Choosing the perfect ring that ticks everything off of your wishlist is no more an impossible task. Taking your ring shopping online opens up a world of versatile designs.

And if you still can’t find that perfect dream ring—that also complements your fingers— you can even get it customized in record time!

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