where to buy the best engagement rings

Where to Buy the Best Engagement Rings

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You could have the perfect timing, the perfect setting, the roses, the balloons, the whole works, but none of it will matter if you don’t buy the best engagement ring! Sure, ‘best’ can be subjective, but some parts of a ring cannot be compromised on, such as the cut, clarity, gemstone quality, carat weight and purity. It also helps when you have a wide range of high-quality rings to pick from.

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To help make your proposal a definite winner, we’ve put together three brands that perfectly answer the question of where to buy the best engagement rings. Each of these brands offers a range that will leave you spoilt for choice and the superb prices will leave you wanting more!

The Best Engagement Rings

Angara Rings

Angara offers one of the most extensive ranges of engagement rings, spanning over 40 gemstones, 18 designs, 6 metals and 15 styles! Whether you’re looking for high-end designs or something that fits a relatively low budget, Angara offers it all—you can buy a beautiful diamond ring for as little as $89 or end up shelling around $43,000 for a GIA-certified diamond ring.

All products come with free shipping, free 30-day returns, lifetime warranty and even free engraving. All rings are custom-made on order and come with conflict-free guarantees on the diamonds.

Kobelli Rings

California-based ‘Kobelli Rings’ is known for its trendy, reasonably-priced collection spanning a range of stones and metals, including alternative metals like Damascus steel, cobalt chrome, tungsten, Elysium, titanium and zirconium. Their cheapest engagement rings start at a mere $179 (chain rings featuring black diamonds), while their most expensive ring will set you back by a cool $44,444 (the Van Cleef Pear Diamond Ring).

Buying a ring from Kobelli also gets super easy when you consider the fact that you can pay in interest-free, additional-charges-free installments. Kobelli also customizes rings for clients, whether you want your own design made from scratch by their excellent design team or want one of their existing designs tweaked according to your tastes.

Super Jeweler Rings

Last but not least is Super Jeweler Rings, with a collection that’s probably bigger than Angara and Kobelli’s combined! The designs here will blow your mind, but not as much as the prices—a 2-carat moissanite engagement ring will only cost you about $799 and this gets even cheaper with the many discounts and great deals the brand offers. A diamond bridal set here will only cost you $249!

Super Jeweler also offers clients the option of customizing rings—they can create a competitor’s design, right down to the tiniest detail and for half the price! They can also create a design you have in mind, from scratch, for you. Super Jeweler’s cheapest rings start at $249 and go all the way up to $59,999 (for their 3-Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring).

The Final Word

Getting the perfect engagement ring is half the job done and half the “yes” earned! Shop at one of these 3 brands and you’ll be looking at a wedding date pretty soon; these 3 brands put together can more than cover your engagement ring needs and more than sufficiently answer the question of where to buy the best engagement rings.

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