best place to buy wedding rings

Best Place to Buy Wedding Rings

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Looking for things can be quite stressful, consuming a lot of your time and energy, but the process always gets easier when you know where to look! The same applies to wedding rings—given the number of brands, products and details to keep in mind, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing to look for a wedding ring. If you find the perfect design, the budget’s too low and when you do find one that fits your budget, it’s out of stock!

We know how stressful throwing a wedding can get, which is why we’re helping you cut out some of the stress by telling you the best place to buy wedding rings from. These brands are our go to for beautiful, high-quality wedding rings and by the end of this article, we’re pretty sure you’ll see why!

The Best Places to Buy Wedding Rings

Angara Rings

Tie-ups with Harvard and Natori, the top position on Newsweek’s list of the best online jewelry brands—Angara has a lot to show for its excellent quality and quantity of wedding rings. You can pick from over 8 materials, 18 designs and 40 gemstones for your wedding ring. Whether you want a plain band or something super elaborate, Angara has you covered.

Additionally, all rings are custom made on order, which means that you’re always assured of the right fit and can pick the gemstone quality, metal type, ring size and total carat weight that you want (this is available on almost all wedding rings offered). All of Angara’s rings also come with free shipping, a lifetime guarantee and a free 30-day refund/exchange.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli Rings is jewelry designer Kobe Klatz’s Californian baby, known for its luxurious, gorgeous designs, all at great prices. From bridal sets to stackables in gold, elysium, platinum, or silver, you’ll find it all at Kobelli, as well as one of the widest offerings of alternative metal rings—tungsten, Damascus steel, cobalt chrome, titanium and zirconium.

Additionally, they offer one-of-a-kind rings, as well as customization services—you can either have an existing design tweaked or a new one designed from scratch by their super-capable design team. Their cheapest ring starts at $117, with prices going all the way up to $44,444!

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler is like the Walmart of wedding rings—there’s something for everyone here! Diamond wedding bands are as cheap as $99 and the brand also offers alternative-metal bands, important wedding bands, silver wedding bands and diamond eternity bands. Additionally, you can get a customized ring at one of the lowest prices possible—they only charge you for the jewelry and not the design. They also offer a free engraving, a wide range of fonts to choose from, free shipping and a lifetime guarantee on their products.

Rockford Collection Rings

If Super Jeweler was the Walmart, New-York-based Rockford is another Tiffany’s! This luxury brand, with its range of futuristic designs that are way ahead of their time, is exclusively for men—a pity, but not so much when you consider the fact that this is one of the more expensive brands out! Rings start at $1,500 and go up to $25,000. Rings are available in the standard metals, as well as the brand’s trademarked EverBlak.

The Bottom Line

With these brands in the equation, wedding-ring shopping just got a whole lot easier. Excellent quality at even better prices, superb designs and great service are assured when you pick one of these brands for your wedding ring, so go right ahead and say ‘hello’ the ring of your dreams at the best place to buy wedding rings!

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