durable wedding bands

Durable Wedding Bands

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When it comes to choosing a wedding band, often, we focus on the stone; however, what about the metal of the ring? An important thing to consider when buying a wedding band is the durability because this is something that you’re going to wear for many years to come.

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And, if your everyday activities put a strain on your ring, then the hardness and durability of the metal should be the most important considerations when purchasing one. Some of the strongest metals for wedding bands are usually platinum, tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, cobalt and palladium that offer maximum durability.

In our guide, we have given you a low down of 4 top retailers that offer some of the best durable wedding bands on the market.

Best Durable Wedding Bands

Angara Rings

Angara is a family-owned business that has been into diamond and gemstone jewelry for generations. The company has production facilities in Los Angeles, Bangkok and Jaipur and sells its jewelry in over 64 countries. Angara has a huge range of wedding rings in various materials like gold, silver, cobalt, tungsten and carbide. Angara’s range of durable wedding bands include:

Low Dome Two-Tone 8mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Tungsten Carbide Comfort Fit Men’s Matte Wedding Band

8mm Tungsten Carbide Men’s Wedding Band Satin Finish

Plain Tungsten Carbide 8mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band

Comfort-Fit Tungsten Carbide Men’s Beveled Wedding Band

Plain Dome High Polished Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Satin Finish Brick Pattern Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

9mm Multiple Grooves Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Kobelli Rings

For more than 40 years, Kobelli Jewels has been in the business of manufacturing jewelry. Kobelli was started by Kobi Katz and the company is based in LA, California. Kobelli has a vast collection of durable wedding rings that you can choose from including:

8mm Black and Rose Celtic Dragon Inlay Band

8mm Gold Celtic Dragon Inlay Band

8mm Celtic Dragon High Polish Comfort Fit Men’s Tungsten Carbide

Kobelli Men’s Collection: Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 6mm

Kobelli Men’s Collection: Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 8mm

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler has been in the jewelry business since 1999 and is now, one of the largest e-commerce jewelry companies with customers across 50 countries. Super Jeweler is a premium jewelry manufacturer and offers more than 35,000 styles of jewelry at very low prices in various types of metals and gemstones. Super Jeweler has a range of wedding bands in durable metals such as tungsten, titanium and tungsten and ethically-sourced koa wood. Some examples include:

5mm Comfort Fit Titanium Wedding Band

8mm Black Tungsten and Ethically Sourced Koa Wood Flat Top Ring

8mm Ethically Sourced Koa Wood and Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

8mm Ethically Sourced Koa Wood and Tungsten Carbide Double Row Ring

Modern Titanium Wedding Band With 1 Diamond

7mm Beveled Titanium Wedding Band

Classic 6mm Flat Brush Finished Comfort Fit Tungsten Band

4mm Ladies and Men’s .05ct Diamond Band in Titanium

8mm Brush Finished Tungsten Wedding Band

7mm Beveled Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band

8mm Polished Titanium Wedding Band

Men’s Titanium Cross Band

Rockford Collection Rings

Rockford Collection is an American brand that manufactures men’s wedding bands and rings and has revolutionized the men’s jewelry industry. Rockford Collection has stylized and durable wedding bands in white, yellow, rose and EverBlak gold that a man will value owning and wearing for the rest of his life. Some of the wedding bands include:

Brewer Men’s Gold Wedding Band

Northstar Men’s Gold Wedding Band

Ropes Men’s Gold Wedding Band

Franklin Comfort Fit Gold Men’s Wedding Band

Brewer Men’s Everblak Gold Wedding Band (3.10ct Black Diamonds)

Franklin Comfort Fit Men’s EverBlak Gold Wedding Band

When it comes to finding durable wedding bands there are plenty of options and sometimes it may seem overwhelming to pick the best durable wedding ring for your special day. We hope that after reading our guide, you find it easier to select the wedding band that suits you the best.

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