best wedding bands for round solitaire

Best Wedding Bands for a Round Solitaire

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Round cut solitaire diamond engagement rings are still a classic and evergreen option among couples. The round cut is one of the most popular cuts. It reflects white light from numerous facets and provides maximum sparkle.

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If your partner’s style leans towards traditional and timeless pieces, then round solitaires are the way to go.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Wedding Band

Metal Tone

The tone of the wedding band helps in enhancing the beauty of the ring. Usually, people go for a band that has the same tone as the engagement ring. This will keep the focus on the brilliant bauble.

However, pairing up two different tones is also a bold and unique option. You can choose two warm tones—like yellow and rose gold. Or even pair up two different finishes of the same tone—like highly polished and matte.

Embellished or Plain Band

If you have gone for a simple and traditional solitaire ring, choosing an embellished band will help add some extra sparkle to your finger. If you already have an embellished band on your ring, you can keep things simple with a plain band.

While plain bands are more durable and easy to maintain, embellished bands add more oomph.


Getting a wedding band that matches the style of your ring will help in highlighting the ring.

If you have a vintage engagement ring, choose a band that exudes the charm and timeless elegance of a vintage piece. Vintage rings usually have filigree bands, so go for a wedding band with similar engravings.

A contemporary engagement ring will look best paired with a band designed in a modern style. Sleek designs and bezel embellishments work best with modern rings.

Types of Rings

Here are some of the best wedding bands for round solitaire rings.

Matching Ring

Getting a bridal set that comes with a matching wedding band is one of the easiest options to find a band that matches your ring perfectly. Many online jewelers even offer better prices on sets, so you might be able to save a few bucks if you get a bridal set.

Curved Band

A curved band is slightly tapered in the middle and fits right underneath the part of the center stone that protrudes from the band of the ring. It fits flush against the band of the engagement ring.

Since the part which fits underneath the center stone is not visible, this type is most suitable for plain wedding bands. They are also known as contoured bands.

Guarded Band

A guarded band is made up of two bands joined together in the middle. A guarded band has a space in the middle that accommodates the engagement ring, this also prevents the ring from slipping off.

Custom-Made Band

The beauty of getting a custom made wedding band is that it will sit flush with your engagement ring. With a custom-made band, you won’t have to compromise on a style that you really like just because it didn’t sit well with your ring.

You can get an embellished or a plain band, you can even mix stones of different sizes and colors when you customize a band.

In Conclusion

Finding the best wedding band for a round solitaire just got a whole lot easier. Choose a style that matches your personality and complements your ring. And if you just can’t find the perfect match, get it customized!

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