best wedding bands for halo rings

Best Wedding Bands for Halo Rings

A halo setting is one in which a ring of smaller accent stones circles a larger center stone. It is quite a grand looking ring and can come in a variety of cuts. The most popular center stones are round and oval cuts, however, you can find a halo setting for almost any type of gemstone cut you want in the center.

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A halo setting is used to highlight the center stone. The extra band of diamonds around the center stone will help create the impression of a much bigger diamond. When you get a wedding band, ensure that the band complements the engagement ring. Depending on your preference, you can choose a band that matches the tone of your ring or even one in a contrasting tone.

Bands always look better when they sit flush with the ring. Getting a matching wedding band or a bridal set when you buy the ring, will ensure that you get a band that sits flush with the ring. In case you didn’t get a matching band, you can check out some of the best wedding bands for halo rings below.

The Best Styles to Complement Your Halo Setting

Contoured Band

These are also known as curved bands. They wrap themselves around the halo. They usually sit underneath the setting of the engagement ring.

The part of the band that goes beneath the center stone is not visible outside. This band fits snugly under the metal supports of the ring setting. It is suitable for rings in which the setting extends towards all sides of the center stone.

Notched Band

These bands provide a nook or support for the curve of the halo. They fit around the halo instead of underneath it. Since they fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, you can go for an embellished wedding band. Since the entire band will be visible, the embellishments will add some extra bling to your finger.

Guarded Band

A guarded band is a band that comes as a single piece but features two bands. These bands have two bands with a space in the middle for the engagement ring to fit into. The bands are joined together on the portion that goes inside your finger.

These types of bands prevent the ring from slipping off your finger. It will also appear as though you have stacked three rings together.

You need to insert the engagement inside the guard ring and then slip it onto your ring finger. These kinds are usually custom made to suit the cut and style of your engagement ring.

Straight Band

A straight band is in the form of an even circle. It does not have any notches or curves for the halo to rest. This type of band is ideal if the halo is suspended with two metal supports from the band itself; there will be no supports beneath the ring to obstruct it from sitting flush against the band.

Parting Words

Halo ring settings are a charming and elegant option that will floor your bride to be. Since these stones highlight the center stone, you should go for a simple wedding band that does not draw attention away from the center gemstone. With so many styles to choose from finding the best wedding band for halo rings is not that difficult anymore.

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