Best Wedding Bands for Men

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best wedding bands for menIt’s undeniable that wedding rings are among the most important pieces of jewelry that you and your partner will own in your entire lifetime. What is often overlooked, though, is that wedding rings speak as many volumes about your personalities as they do about your love and commitment to each other.

Therefore, when you’re picking out a ring for your beloved hubby to be, you don’t just want any ring—you want one that’s in line with who he is, while being comfortable and suiting his lifestyle, too.

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Luckily, men seem to have a nearly unlimited range of choices when it comes to wedding bands, majorly because there’s a larger choice of metals. While this is great in terms of having options to pick from, the sheer number can make the task intimidating. Platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten, gold, silver—and we haven’t even gotten to the stones, designs and other technicalities yet!

Worry not—here’s a round-up of our top 4 wedding-ring brands! From trendy to timeless, platinum to palladium, solitaires to square cuts, these brands will have you covered when it comes to the best wedding bands for men!

Best Wedding Bands for Men Compared

These are the top sources for the best wedding bands for men on the market, thoroughly compared for you. Special attention to Rockford Collection due to their focus on men’s wedding bands in a variety of powerful, manly styles.




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Top 4 Wedding Bands for Men

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the best mens wedding band vendors on the market, as well as some excellent models they offer, ensuring you find the perfect one for you.

Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection RingsNew York’s Rockford is among the top jewelry brands for men; though their options are more limited than other brands, their designs are among the most unique, perfect for the modern man perfectly balancing flitting in between board meetings and family time.

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Each design is extremely unique and as far away from “standard” as possible, a result of precise engineering. Additionally, each ring is pushed to go through extremely high temperatures to ensure that it lasts as long as your love!

Rockford’s wedding rings are generally made using platinum or solid gold, featuring diamonds of the highest caliber. This makes the brand among the more expensive options, with the cheapest ring starting at around $1,900.

However, they offer 3, 6 and 36-month financing options to make payments easier. They also offer customers the option of booking samples, so that you’re not booking a ring on blind trust.

Rockford also provides customers the option of customizing rings and you can either book a virtual or in-person appointment. All rings also come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty and free shipping.

Here are our favorite picks from the brand’s offering!

Fort Knox Men’s Gold Wedding Band

The Fort Knox Wedding Band is a prime example of Rockford’s out-of-the-box designs and is perfect for men who don’t want to stick to convention. Literally cutting edge, with a square build instead of round, this one-of-a-kind designer ring is a blend of luxurious and classic, featuring a 0.65-carat white diamond pave setting—a Rockford signature pattern. If you’re wondering why it’s named the Fort Knox ring, the ring is a tribute to America’s largest gold mine in Alaska and fittingly combines strength with raw beauty and power.

The ring is priced at $3,350 and is available in platinum, 14k and 18k gold and the company’s innovative EverBlak material (18-carat gold base with a PVD coating).

Franklin Comfort Fit Men’s Gold Wedding Band

Named after the brilliant Benjamin Franklin, Rockford’s Franklin Comfort Fit Men’s Gold Wedding Band blends contemporary, classy and cutting-edge seamlessly. The one-of-a-kind designer ring features two floating bands connected by five of Rockford’s signature screws and a 0.50-carat white diamond.

Priced at $3,320, the ring is available in all shades of 14 and 18k gold and platinum.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsBased in Los Angeles, Kobelli Rings is yet another obvious feature on lists of the best wedding bands for men! Founded by designer Kobi Klatz, Kobelli brings over 40 years of experience to the table not just as a manufacturer but also as an importer of diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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Like Rockford, Kobelli also offers the option of paying through interest and charges-free installments, in addition to a lifetime warranty, free shipping and customization of rings (you can either have an existing design modified or new rings designed and made from scratch).

Unlike Rockford, though, Kobelli offers a more varied choice of metals and materials (in addition to the standard gold, silver and platinum, Kobelli also offers tungsten carbide, titanium, cobalt chrome, zirconium, Damascus steel and Elysium rings) and is also much cheaper, starting at $117 for tungsten carbide wedding band.

Here are our favorite picks from the brand!

Celtic Dragon High Polish Comfort Fit

As mentioned earlier, Kobelli is your best bet for the best wedding bands for men in alternative metals. This super-cool tungsten carbide ring with a lovely blue Celtic dragon inlay is a beautiful ring to consider. The best part? It’ll only set you back by $120 that you can pay in four interest-free instalments.

Domed Satin Matte Gold

Beautiful, sophisticated, classic—the Domed Satin Matte Gold Ring from Kobelli is priced at $965 but is worth every bit of the price. The ring is available in yellow and white gold, is 8 mm wide and features a comfortable, highly polished interior. You can also get the ring engraved for free!

Angara Rings

Angara RingsIt isn’t for nothing that Angara was voted the top online jewelry brand by reputed American magazine Newsweek—the brand boasts some of the best wedding bands for men and at incredibly great prices (rings range from $149 all the way up to $4,900 and more).

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The large collection can satisfy any preference, with rings available across 5 types of gems, 7 metals (including platinum, tungsten carbide, two-tone and tricolor gold), 10 styles, 3 gemstone shapes and carat weight ranging from 0.1 to over 1. From beaded to beveled to grooved, from square to round edges and from emeralds to sapphires to rubies, Angara has a range of lovely wedding rings for men.

All rings are custom manufactured on demand, ensuring that customers get the right fit, always. You can pick the gemstone quality, shape, size, weight and metal type. All products come with a 30-day money-back/refund/exchange guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty and like with Kobelli and Rockford, you can pay in interest-free installments for your purchase. Angara also offers free shipping. However, their customization services are limited to tweaking existing designs.

Here are our favorite picks from the brand!

Men’s Braided Rope Three-Tone Wedding Band

We’re completely head over heels in love with this ring, an elegant yet eye-catching mix of 3 different shades of gold. The white, rose and yellow gold all strike a superb contrast with the other, while the additional rope-pattern detailing and the braided pattern together elevate the style quotient of this ring to the next level.

Priced at $746, the Men’s Braided Rope Three-Tone Wedding Band is available with yellow gold as the base or white gold; the ring is also available in an all-gold version. You can even have it engraved for free.

Satin Finish Gypsy Set Diamond Wedding Band

If you don’t mind shelling out a little extra, the Satin Finish Gypsy Wedding Band is a must consider! This elegant, minimalistic ring features a glossy, deep incision right along the center, with princess-cut diamonds embedded, at regular intervals, in the groove. The ring is a comfort fit wedding band, sitting on your finger like a dream!

The ring is available in platinum and white gold, in addition to yellow gold. As mentioned earlier, the ring is on the steeper side of money things, setting you back by a cool $1,187!

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsLast but not least is Super Jeweler Rings—a brand known for offering one of the widest collections of wedding bands for men at some of the cheapest prices. As if the base price in itself wasn’t cheap enough, jewelry at Super Jeweler gets even more wallet friendly with all the many deals and discounts the brand offers.

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There’s truly something for everyone at Super Jeweler—their cheapest wedding ring is priced as low as $99! Additionally, the customization services offered by the brand are exceptional—you can get an existing design tweaked, have a ring made from scratch or have a design replicated for you at a fraction of the original’s cost (they only charge you for the price of the jewels and material and don’t levy any making charges). There’s also a range of fonts and a free engraving on offer. All jewelry comes with a 60-day return policy, a lifetime guarantee and free shipping.

Here are our favorite picks from the brand!

Men’s and Women’s Wedding Band in Sterling Silver

This simple, minimalistic ring comes with a ring of 9 beautiful, round, brilliant diamonds, set in a body of sterling silver, with 2 star diamonds. The price? An unbelievably low $79!

Additionally, this ring is part of a beautiful set and is perfect for any couple out there!

Platinum Heavy Milgrain Wedding Band

Granted—this ring is super expensive, but is beautiful enough to justify the price, not to mention that it weighs in at a whopping 15.9 grams! Additionally, it comes personalized and inscribed and is a classic choice to go with.


If you’re ever at a loss when it comes to picking out the best wedding bands for men, you now know where to go! With their range of unique offerings, these brands will have you more than covered, whatever your preferences, likes and budget may be.

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