best wedding bands for oval engagement rings

Best Wedding Bands for Oval Engagement Rings

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Sure—that lovely engagement ring is going to be center stage for some time, but pretty soon, your wedding band will join the show too! Though a lot of folks devote more time and energy to finding the perfect engagement ring, not as much thought goes into finding a wedding band that perfectly pairs with your engagement ring. After all, your wedding band is a symbol of a huge step in your relationship and like your engagement ring, you’re going to be wearing your wedding band too for the rest of your life.

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Different types of engagement rings go with different types of wedding bands, but if you’ve got the perfect oval engagement ring, you’re in luck—we’re going to take a look at how to find the perfect wedding band to complement oval engagement rings. Read on to find the best wedding bands for oval engagement rings!

What Type of Wedding Band Do I Pair with an Oval Engagement Ring?

Oval stones, like pear cut and marquise, are great head turners. Adding the following types of wedding bands will further accentuate their beauty:

Chevron: Pointed, V-shaped chevron bands are among the top trending styles when it comes to the perfect companions for oval rings. When worn in a nesting style, especially or with the pointed ‘V’ end facing outward, these rings look superb with oval engagement rings.

Triangle: Triangle stacking rings enhance the beauty of oval stones by making them appear elongated. The oval stone nestles inside the triangle, giving you a gorgeous result!

Straight: If you like a more traditional bridal stack, you can stack your oval engagement ring with a straight wedding band, giving you a lovely end result without overpowering the oval stone.

Curved: Curved wedding bands go really well with oval engagement rings and are among the most popular choices for pairing with them.

Open Shank: Like chevron rings, open shank rings are also trending companions to oval engagement rings right now! Open shank rings hug the shoulders of oval stones, resulting in a very unique form.

It’s a good idea to think ahead and figure out what kind of wedding band you want while purchasing your engagement rings. If you’re a seize-the-day-kinda person and planning ahead is something that you religiously stay away from, you could even buy an engagement ring wedding band set or pick out a separate wedding band and purchase it with your engagement ring.

The Bottom Line

Many factors come into play when you’re looking at wedding bands to pair with your engagement ring, such as the band’s thickness, the metal, the setting and the shape of the stone, but most importantly, what you and your partner want.

Therefore, the wedding band that’s going to perfectly match your engagement ring is the one you like the most and find the most beautiful. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to pairing rings, so listen to your gut or your heart or your partner.

However, if you’re feeling confused and stuck, you now know what the best wedding bands for oval engagement rings are!

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