best wedding bands for pear shaped engagement rings

Best Wedding Bands for Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

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Pear-shaped stones, a cross between the extremely popular round brilliant and marquise stones, are the defining feature of some of the most beautiful engagement rings money can buy. These stones are a mix of cuts and smooth curves, ending in a lovely taper on one end that presents a range of lovely design possibilities—the stone can face up, down or even be set sideways in more unconventional designs.

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If you’ve picked out a gorgeous pear-shaped engagement ring, you’ll want to pick out a wedding band that perfectly matches it—after all, you don’t want your wedding band overshadowing or dragging down your engagement ring’s gorgeousness. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing for you—here’s a guide on picking out the best wedding bands for pear-shaped engagement rings!

Factors to Consider

There are two main factors to consider when picking out a wedding band to complement your pear-shaped engagement ring—the type of stone setting and whether there’s a gap or not.

The Type of Setting

Pear-shaped stones can be set in many ways, such as halo, side shank, three stone, pave and solitaire. Knowing what type of setting your engagement ring comes in will greatly aid you in picking out a matching wedding band.

If the setting is a simple one like a solitaire with a plain metal band or pavé, find a wedding band that matches the engagement ring’s band. If the engagement ring has a more intricate, elaborate setting, as three-stone and vintage rings normally do, it’s better to have a simple wedding band that looks great on its own but also complements your engagement ring without trying to outshine it. The eyes will remain on your engagement ring!

The Gap

With pear-shaped stones, it is common for there to be a gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band due to the shape of the stone. However, it is also possible to achieve stacking without gaps—it all depends on your preferences and choice.

Commonly, pear-shaped engagement rings have a high setting, letting wedding bands sit flush. Owing to the space beneath the gemstone and the way it’s set, you can wear a wedding ring either above or below the ring. In case you’re a fan of stacking, you can stack an oval engagement ring with more than two wedding bands, for a very symmetrical finish.

If the pear-shaped engagement ring has a low profile or a large basket, preventing the wedding ring from sitting flush, you’ll have a gap between the two rings. In such cases, consider a curved wedding band—these come with the perfect amount of space to accommodate the pear-shaped stone. Cluster rings are also a good idea.

Tips to Match Rings

Now that you know what are the two main factors to consider when finding the best wedding bands for pear-shaped engagement rings, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

If you want to create a cohesive look, try to pick similar facet patterns. This means matching the pattern of your pear-shaped stone to the one in your wedding band. No, that doesn’t mean you get a wedding band with a pear-shaped stone—it means that pear diamonds are extremely brilliant thanks to tons of facets that add a lot of sparkle, so pick a similarly brilliant style/cut for your wedding ring. Emerald-cut and pear-shaped diamonds together are a big ‘No!’, but round brilliants and princess-cut stones with pear-shaped ones are a big ‘Yes!’

With a pear-shaped engagement ring, there cannot be two leads in the story—much as you may want it to be otherwise, you’ll have to resign yourself to having a lead and a supporting actor. Your pear-shaped ring will likely draw more attention than your wedding band; having two equally grand, elaborate rings vying for attention will just result in messy confusion. Keep one grand and the other simple and complementary—which one you choose to keep grand and which one simple, is left to you! However, if you play it smart like Mr. Tarantino, you can manage a casting coup with a ‘Leonardo di Caprio’ and a ‘Brad Pitt’!

The Final Word

Remember, with pear-shaped engagement rings, it’s always best to think about getting a complementary wedding band that creates a cohesive look with the engagement ring. Whether you want the rings to perfectly match or whether you want them to be contrasted to each other, the important thing is that they should work in harmony and not try to one up the other! Keeping the above points in mind will help you achieve this.

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