best gold wedding bands

Best Gold Wedding Bands

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When it comes to wedding bands, gold bands have always been the most popular choice. Available in different karats and hues, gold wedding bands are timeless pieces of jewelry. However, before you invest in a gold wedding band, there are a few things that you must consider. For instance, you must decide whether to purchase a 10k band in white gold or if you prefer a 24k rose gold band.

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Karat (k) is essentially the measure of how much gold is there in a certain piece of jewelry and there are varying degrees of purity. Often pure gold is very soft and the jewelry made out of pure gold is not very durable. So, gold is generally mixed with other metals like copper, nickel, etc. to make jewelry that is durable and long lasting.

Gold wedding bands come in varying karats such as 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k where in terms of the durability, 10k bands are most durable and the durability and hardness decrease with an increase in karats. Apart from the karat size, another factor to consider when buying a gold wedding ring is the color.

If you like traditional and classic, then you can opt for a yellow gold ring; however, if you prefer trendy, then a rose gold band is a great option and if you like modern and contemporary, then white gold is a perfect choice.

Best Gold Wedding Bands

Angara Rings

Angara is a family-owned business and has been into fine gemstones for generations and specializes in diamond and other gemstone jewelry. The company has manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Bangkok and Jaipur and supplies to retailers across the globe. In 2020, was recognized by Newsweek magazine as the “Best Online Jeweler”.

If you are on the lookout for a gold wedding band, then take a look at the best gold wedding bands from Angara. There are plenty of designs available that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Right from plain, simple bands to ones embellished with diamonds and vibrant-hued gemstones, Angara has it all.

You also can choose matching wedding bands in gold for couples or customize your band with engravings. Angara has plenty of gold bands in varying patterns and designs including 2-stone, 3-stone, solitaire, vintage-inspired, contemporary designs and more.

Kobelli Rings

Founded by Kobi Katz, Kobelli Jewels was started in LA, California. The company manufactures unique jewelry and also has a vast collection of gold wedding rings in 10k, 14k and 18k gold. Kobelli has been selling their jewelry via retailers across the country and today, they carry their vast jewelry collection online too.

Kobelli has a wide range of best gold wedding bands from plain simple gold bands for men and women to gold bands embellished with diamonds, moissanite, lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones, antique gold bands, eternity bands, open C-rings, stackable bands and many more in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold that you can choose from.

Super Jeweler Rings

Since 1999, Super Jeweler has been in the jewelry business and has been offering stunning jewelry at extremely affordable prices to suit any budget. With offices in the United States, India, China and Sri Lanka, Super Jeweler has a huge selection of jewelry in their store or online and has over 35,000 styles.

Super Jeweler has over 15,000 models of gold bands in varying shapes, sizes and designs in 10k, 14k and 18k gold (yellow, white and rose) for both men and women. And, you can choose from simple gold bands to ones embellished with diamonds depending on what you prefer.

While you can spend money and get a pure gold 22k or 24k wedding band; however, by choosing a 10k or 14k ring, you can get one that’s more durable and long lasting. But whatever you decided to buy, make sure to weigh the pros and cons, your likes and dislikes so that you end up with a wedding band that will last a lifetime.

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