best cheap wedding rings

Best Cheap Wedding Rings

Weddings are no joke—well, duh, they never were, but we’re talking specifically about the financial aspect of the process! Even if you were to do a Jake-and-Amy-styled street wedding, you’re still going to incur some sizable, unavoidable costs.

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Of these, wedding rings contribute to a major part of the expenses—or used to, at least! Gone are the days when wedding rings only meant expensive diamonds and gold; nowadays, many cheaper alternatives exist that look as good (and even better, in some cases!) as traditional diamond rings. Even if you’d like to stick with tradition and go the diamond-and-gold route, many brands sell these at great prices, too.

However, cheap doesn’t always mean good quality and design. To ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money, here’s a breakdown of some brands that manage to combine excellent quality and design at some of the most reasonable prices. Read on to find out where you can find the best cheap wedding rings!

Best Cheap Wedding Rings

Angara Rings

Kicking off our list of the best cheap wedding rings is the popular jewelry brand Angara, an American family-owned business with a client base in over 60 countries. The accomplishments don’t stop there—the brand also has tie-ups with Natori and Harvard University!

Angara offers one of the widest ranges of wedding rings online. These include traditional gold-and-diamond rings, as well as more recent innovations such as tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium and silver rings. Designs range from plain bands to dual-metal rings to rings embedded with gemstones (they offer over 14 gemstone options) to options such as eternity, halo, fashion and princess rings. The brand also sells engagement rings, matching wedding band sets, and bridal sets.

The cheapest wedding rings will cost you around $129, whereas the cheapest sets start at $199. Angara also offers a full refund or exchange, within 30 days, for clients who are dissatisfied with their purchase.

Kobelli Rings

California-based Kobelli Rings is jewelry designer Kobi Klatz’s brainchild. Kobelli not only designs, manufactures, and sells one of the most extensive collections of diamond jewelry, but also imports diamonds that it guarantees are conflict-free and ethically sourced.

Kobelli sells a range of wedding rings, bridal sets, and even moissanite lab-grown diamonds and black diamonds. Rings are available in alternative metals such as titanium and tungsten carbide, as well as 10k and 14k white, yellow and rose gold. The brand also offers clients the option of customizing their rings. The cheapest wedding bands are priced at $117.

Super Jeweler

Rounding off our list is Super Jeweler, a brand established in 1999 but one that quickly grew to become one of America’s most popular online jewelry brands. Rings are available in different shades of gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten and sterling silver, and 17 different gemstone options—the most extensive on the list.

The best part? Super Jeweler’s cheapest wedding bands start at an astoundingly low $9! This makes the brand a great option for those looking for budget rings that still look a million bucks!

The Bottom Line

Shopping from one of these brands does away with the stress of spending exorbitant amounts on your wedding ring. Wedding rings serve to mark and celebrate your precious milestone, not be a cause for potential bankruptcy! For elegant, high-quality wedding rings that look a million bucks (but don’t actually cost you that much), consider shopping at one of these brands!

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