best wedding ring companies

Best Wedding Ring Companies

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Your big day is coming up—both of you are going to finally say “I do” and embark on a new adventure in your lives! Naturally, for such a momentous milestone, nothing less than perfect will do, from the decor to the food to the cake to the wedding dress and of course, the wedding rings.

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Rings play such an integral part in the entire process, right from the proposal to the engagement and wedding. Your wedding ring is something that both of you will potentially wear for life and the chances are that you’ll end up spending quite a bit on it. Therefore, it becomes very important to pick out not just the right wedding ring, but the perfect one!

Unfortunately, this search can become quite stressful, given the millions of options out there, not just in terms of the rings themselves but also the companies and brands that sell these rings. Which brand should you consider? Who offers the best combination of high quality and reasonable pricing? Which brand has the most extensive collection? Is there a warranty? A return policy?

Well, we’ve made life (and the wedding process!) much easier for you by picking out what we think are the best wedding ring companies online. Read on to know more!

Best Wedding Ring Companies


A highly popular brand with an international client base, Angara is a family-owned online business that specializes in gemstones, especially diamonds, tanzanites, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. From the cutting and polishing to the designing, manufacturing and selling, every process is done in-house, resulting in high-quality products that have led to partnerships with names such as Natori and Harvard University! Additionally, American weekly ‘Newsweek’ recognized the brand as the best online jeweler for the year 2020.

Angara offers clients quite an extensive collection of wedding rings, spanning across a range of gemstones, metals, and designs. It offers both 10k and 14k gold (white, yellow, and rose), platinum, and two-tone gold, and alternative metals crafted using tungsten carbide, sterling silver, cobalt, and tricolor gold.

Wedding ring designs range from plain bands to diamond-and-gemstone-studded rings. The brand offers 20 gemstone options (such as enhanced black diamonds, spessartite, and tourmaline, along with the usual diamonds, rubies, and sapphires), 12 different styles (including art deco, eternity, stackables, 3-stone and vintage along with the traditional plain bands, solitaires and classic), with carat weight ranging from 0.01 to over 3.01. Wedding ring prices range from $129 to $4,459. The brand also sells matching sets and bridal sets.

All wedding rings purchased from Angara not only come bearing the stamps of excellent quality and craftsmanship, but also a full refund or exchange deal within 30 days, in case you’re dissatisfied with the purchase, as well as a lifetime warranty.

Kobelli Rings

This brand, founded by jewelry designer Kobi Klatz, boasts over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer of diamond jewelry, in addition to being an importer of diamonds. Kobelli offers some of the most gorgeous wedding rings in the world, ranging from classic 3-stone rings to one-of-a-kind rings and personalized jewelry. Each piece of diamond jewelry from Kobelli is accompanied by a lifetime warranty and a guarantee that the stones used are conflict-free.

Kobelli offers rings in precious metals and alternative metals, so you have quite a sizable collection of traditional gold, platinum and silver rings as well as tungsten carbide, elysium, titanium, cobalt chrome, Damascus steel and black zirconium. The brand offers 20+ gemstone options, including lab-grown diamonds, and 14 different styles, ranging from braided to cathedral to stackables to eternity. Apart from selling wedding bands for men and women, Kobelli also sells promise rings, bridal sets and matching wedding ring sets.

Kobelli’s cheapest ring (the Electric Blue Men’s Tungsten Band) will cost you $117, whereas, its most expensive (the Van Cleef Pear 3-Stone Ring) will cost you a whopping $44,444!

Super Jeweler Rings

A great option for those on a tight budget, Super Jeweler offers a range of beautiful-yet-reasonably-priced eternity, silver, alternative metal (titanium, new koa and tungsten carbide) and diamond wedding bands. Diamond wedding bands start a supremely low $99 and go up to $4,999, and alternative-metal bands are even cheaper at $49!

Super Jeweler offers 10k and 14k white, yellow and rose gold, 925 sterling silver and platinum wedding rings, with stone weight ranging from 0.5 carats to over 5 carats. However, their gemstone options seem quite limited; the focus lies entirely on diamonds, with only a few sapphire-and-ruby rings on the menu. Despite that, the brand boasts the biggest collection of wedding rings, on this list. They also throw in free engraving for wedding rings.

All rings come with a lifetime guarantee and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Rockford Collection

Last, but not least, is New-York-based Rockford Collection, a premier jewelry brand for men. The brand was started as a solution to a problem—the fact that women’s wedding rings numbered in the millions, both in quantity and design, whereas the same was lacking for men. Therefore, Rockford’s team of expert designers and crafters set out to design a signature collection of wedding bands for men—a collection that finds its place as one of the most stylish, exquisite and exciting. The designs are truly unique—we haven’t seen anything remotely close to these designs offered by other brands!

Rockford offers rings in precious metals (10 and 14k white, yellow and rose gold), as well as titanium and its signature EverBlak (gold plated with PVD in a 360-hour process!). The brand offers matching bands, black-diamond rings, two-tone bands, classic bands, statement pieces and gemstone rings, in addition to diamond and EverBlak rings.

Excellent as the designs are, they quite solidly feature on the more expensive side of things—the rings start at $1,720 and go up to $25,920! All rings come with free shipping and a lifetime warranty, too.

The Final Word

With these 4 brands on the list, your wedding-ring shopping should get much, much easier—these brands truly are the big 4 when it comes to the best wedding ring companies. Chances are that you won’t need to look further than any of their collections (if not individually then definitely collectively!) for the wedding ring of your dreams, so do yourselves a favor, consider these brands and save yourselves a world of wedding stress!

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