Best Diamond Wedding Rings

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best diamond wedding ringsWhen it comes to wedding rings, nothing beats the grace, elegance and beauty of a diamond ring. A diamond ring does not always have to mean an extravagant solitaire. There are several diamond cuts and designs that can look just as wonderful on your ring finger. We have also kept in mind the lucky grooms.

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There are several designs that men will enjoy as well. Simple, solid designs that incorporate beautiful diamonds. In the following sections, we have picked out some of the best brands to find diamond wedding rings.

Now let’s find the perfect diamond wedding ring for you!

Best Diamond Wedding Rings Compared

These are the top sources for the best wedding rings on the market, thoroughly compared for you.




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Top 4 Best Diamond Wedding Rings

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the best diamond wedding ring vendors on the market, ensuring you find the perfect one for you.


Angara RingsAngara Rings has some incredible range of products when it comes to diamond wedding rings. You can choose a classic, plain band with an elegant diamond stud, or you can opt for more elaborate designs with more diamond work.

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We think some of the best diamond wedding rings are the platinum ones, as the metal is perfect for all types of skin and is hypoallergenic. But the good thing about buying a diamond wedding ring at Angara is that you have the option of different types of metal types, gemstone shape, style and carat weight. You simply have to head to the store with your requirements and you will find the combination you like.

Some of the top choices for the best diamond wedding rings at Angara are:

Classic Split Prong Diamond Half Eternity Wedding Band: This is an elegant and subtle wedding band that wins admiration for its simple sophistication. The design uses round diamonds that are placed in a prong setting and is a graceful platinum ring.

Classic Round Diamond Zig-Zag Ring: This simple but interesting design is available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. The band is thin and has an elegant zig-zag design. The sparkling diamonds are placed in a U pavé setting.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsKobelli Rings also has some great designs of all styles and for all budgets. There are wedding rings for both men and women made in various kinds of metal types, including platinum. There are also options of Elysium rings which are hypoallergenic black diamond rings that are extremely durable and we think are unique options as not many people opt for black diamonds.

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The platinum diamond rings are great for sensitive skin. You can also select between gold bands of different carat weights. You can also consider ring designs that have a combination of diamonds and other gemstones, such as blue sapphire. There are also beautiful stackable bands you could consider.

We think some of the top choices for diamond rings at Kobelli are:

Diamond Fashion Floral Band: Set in 14K white gold, this extravagant band has a design that is appropriate for royalty. There are 37 stones in this, in a pave setting.

Round Diamond and Blue Sapphire Band: This is a beautiful and elegant band with 19 stones, a mix of diamond and blue sapphire. Set in 14K white gold, this is a durable and elegant band.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsSuper Jeweler Rings have been a trusted name in the market since 1999. Patrons can get customized rings, personalized jewelry, designer styles and more. The legacy of the brand is why we have chosen to include it in this list.

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The metals you can select from are white gold, yellow gold, platinum, rose gold and sterling silver. You can also select rings out of different karat sizes, and also ask for the degree of diamond clarity you are looking for. Another thing you may get here but not in most other places is the diamond color.

Some of the top choices you could consider are:

Ruby and Diamond Channel Set Band: There are several bands that have a combination of diamonds and other gemstones. This is one such design that gives you a vibrant combination of diamonds and rubies. There are 7 stones in total that are set in 14K white gold.

Three Diamond Wedding Ring: This archive piece is one of the most popular designs at the store. It has a simple design, and the stones have a clarity of 12, making them sparkle beautifully. This is a simple, elegant ring and you cannot go wrong with it.

Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection RingsRockford Collection is one of the best places in the United States for men’s wedding bands. The store has a wide array of products, ranging from the classics to the more modern, updated designs. The designs are delicate, yet masculine—perfect for an all American man entering matrimony. At Rockford Collection, we also found that there are metal types of various kinds to pick from—white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, EverBlak, two-tone gold and platinum.

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Some of the top choices we found worthy of consideration are:

JERRITT Comfort Fit Men’s Gold Wedding Band with Black Diamonds: This elegant and simple men’s wedding band has natural black diamonds studded on the side of the band. This is a unique design that also has a clean, modern, and sophisticated touch.

FORT KNOX Men’s Gold Wedding Band with 0.65ct Diamonds: This beautiful band features natural white diamonds set in gold. The square design of the band is cutting-edge and is a modern update on a classic style. This is a one-of-a-kind design that will certainly get compliments.


Wedding bands are important pieces of jewelry that will have value for the rest of your life. When you are buying a wedding ring for yourself or a partner, there is no room for getting a ring that you are not happy with. This is a special piece of jewelry that may seem like something you are simply stuck with if you do not like it. The brands that we have mentioned above are some of the best in the market and will give you plenty of options when it comes to designs, styles and types of diamond cuts. We are certain you will find your special ring out of what these four brands have to offer.

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