durable wedding rings

Durable Wedding Rings

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As you take the plunge and say “I do”, you’re potentially creating a bond for life with your partner. It’s only fitting, then, that your wedding rings, that symbolize this bond, last you for a long time to come. Additionally, considering the substantial amount you’ll be investing in your rings, it’s only natural to expect your rings to be durable wedding rings that last you in the long run, just like your love!

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If you’re looking for durable wedding rings, it doesn’t get more durable than tungsten carbide. The most scratch-resistant element known to humankind, tungsten carbide rings are supremely hardy, don’t bend out of shape, and have a weight similar to traditional metals. If you’re looking for a tungsten carbide wedding ring that looks great and is priced even better, here are the brands that we think should be your go-to!

Best Durable Wedding Rings


One of the most popular jewelry brands, Angara was voted the Newsweek’s No.1 best online jeweler. The brand boasts an extensive collection of jewelry, from wedding and engagement rings to necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Apart from the fact that Angara’s rings are crafted using high-quality tungsten carbide, customers can rest assured when it comes to the products’ durability as each Angara product comes with a lifetime warranty, a certificate of authenticity, and one free resizing. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with your product, and each product is insured before it’s shipped out to customers in any of Angara’s 64 customer countries.

From polished to dual-tone to satin to matte to beveled to brick to grooves, Angara’s tungsten carbide rings come in a range of attractive finishes, and lie in the $149-$189 range.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli is known for its elegant designs; this extends to its tungsten carbide wedding rings, too. If you think that tungsten carbide rings don’t come in intricate, beautiful designs, one look at their collection will convince you otherwise (more specifically, we’re talking about their ultra-gorgeous Celtic dragon rings!). Additionally, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty on its rings, as well as limited lifetime moissanite warranty and insurance for an additional charge.

For unique ring designs, ranging from inlays to electric-blue finishes, Kobelli is your best bet!

Super Jeweler Rings

We love Super Jeweler’s signature rings that combine tungsten carbide and ethically-sourced Koa wood, resulting in unique, lovely end products. What we love even more is how cheap the rings here are—you can land yourself a great tungsten carbide ring for as little as $49. The Koa wood rings are slightly more expensive at $99. Additionally, Super Jeweler offers a lifetime warranty on its products, as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee, should you not find the ring quite to your liking.

Rockford Collection Rings

An elite brand exclusively for men, you won’t find tungsten carbide rings at Rockford, but you will find the next best thing—titanium and the brand’s trademarked EverBlak (18k gold plated with PVD). Though quite expensive (the cheapest ring will set you back by a cool $1,510), the unique designs of the rings seem to warrant the price tag! Additionally, all their products, apart from EverBlak products, come with a lifetime warranty.

If you don’t mind the high premium and don’t have your heart set on tungsten carbide, Rockford’s collection is a great place to look for durable wedding rings.

The Final Word

Gone are the days when wedding rings only meant gold; today, a range of more durable options are available, so you don’t have to worry about your precious wedding ring ever becoming a bent out of shape, beaten down wedding ring with a million scratches—we know how saddening that can be! Invest in a durable tungsten-carbide or titanium ring from one of our recommended brands, and save yourself the trouble of maintenance and the potential heartbreak of a damaged wedding ring!

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