best wedding rings for 3000

Wedding Rings for 3000

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For a budget of 3,000 dollars, you can get a gorgeous wedding ring that is well designed, is of excellent quality and built to last, just like your love! However, given the number of brands out there selling wedding rings, the process of picking out a ring can get overwhelming. As if having to keep in mind factors such as the cut, purity, clarity, quality, design, gemstones, weight, carats and value for money wasn’t enough, you also have to look at the credibility and features of the brand and keep in mind factors like trustworthiness, warranties, guarantees, ratings and the like.

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We know how overwhelming it can get (as if getting married wasn’t overwhelming enough!) and you could definitely do with a reduction in the stress that ring-buying entails. To aid in exactly that, we give you a low-down on our favorite brands that sell the best wedding rings for 3,000 dollars.

Top 4 Best Wedding Rings for 3000


Angara is a popular online jewelry brand that sells quite an extensive range of wedding rings. Whether you’re looking for classic, vintage, modern, eternity or fashion, Angara has you covered, which could explain why the brand has customers in over 64 countries, has tie-ups with Harvard and Natori and was voted the top online jewelry brand by the American magazine Newsweek.

Angara sells rings in white, yellow and rose gold, platinum, silver and two-tone gold, in 12 styles and over 14 gemstones. Of the rings offered, the Nature-Inspired Round Diamond Vine Band is our favorite, adorned with pave and bezel-set diamonds and milgrain detailing on the edges, in 14k white gold. You can further customize the ring—you can choose the metal, gemstone weight and quality; the price increases from the base $2,474 as per the customization. If you’re looking for something more modern and trendy, check out the Entwined Diamond Wrap Ring at $2,123 and for something more elaborate, the Pressure-Set Diamond Wide Wedding Band at $2,663.

All products come with a lifetime warranty, free shipping and free 30-day returns/refunds.

Kobelli Rings

Next on our list is California-based Kobelli Rings, founded by jewelry designer Kobi Klatz. The brand is known for its elegantly designed rings that it sells in white, yellow and rose gold, platinum, Elysium, tungsten carbide, titanium, Damascus steel, cobalt chrome and zirconium.

If you’re someone who loves bling, Kobelli’s Platinum Pave Diamond Ring is a superb choice. This 1,999-dollar ring efficiently manages to combine glitz, glamour and elegance without being garish or too jazzy (if it’s jazzy at all, it’s in the best possible way!). The ring features natural white diamonds set in platinum. On the other hand, if you love flouting convention and want a unique, special ring to mark a unique, special bond, check out the Elysium Beveled Band with Gold Inlay—a two-tone masterpiece of Elysium, for men, with a 24k gold inlay, priced at $2,599. If you’re looking for a wedding set, consider the Princess Diamond Eternity Band, priced at $2,510.

Super Jewelers

Super Jewelers is your best bet for a brand that combines excellent quality with the cheapest prices possible. With an experienced team leading the way, the brand has grown leaps and bounds since it was set up in 1999. All products are accompanied by a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Super Jewelers offers a range of plain bands, with free engraving thrown in, in precious metals as well as alternative metals. If you’re looking for a diamond-studded eternity ring, there are plenty of those too, such as the White Gold Bar Set Diamond Eternity Band, featuring round diamonds set in 14k white gold, priced at $2,999. The Milgrain Diamond Eternity Band, also priced at $2,999, is another must consider stunner!

Rockford Collection

Rounding off our list of the best wedding rings for 3,000 dollars is the exclusively-for-men luxury jewelry brand, Rockford. This New-York-based jewelry brand sells some of the most unique wedding rings for men, futuristic designs for today’s savvy, fast-moving, practical, fashionable, urban man. This doesn’t mean that the brand stays away from the classics—from vintage to art deco, you’ll most probably find it all here! Rockford rings are available in gold, platinum, two-tone gold and EverBlak, the brand’s signature, trademarked metal (gold plated with PVD in a 360-hour process—literal black gold!). Though the brand only offers white and black diamonds by way of gemstones, you won’t miss a thing, considering the designs they offer!

Our favorite wedding ring for 3,000 dollars is the Argonaut, dedicated to the pioneers of the Gold Rush and today’s unafraid adventurers. This one-of-a-kind ring features a timeless design with 1-carat diamonds and is priced at $2,950. The Briggs Two-Tone Gold Wedding Band is another gorgeous work of art, featuring pave-set round brilliant cut 0.7-carat black diamonds; this ring is priced at $2,215.

The Final Word

With your 3,000-dollar budget, the world is your oyster, especially with these 4 brands! For high-quality rings that give you great value for money, shop at one of these brands—you’ll definitely end up with a ring that’s as special, lovely and unique as your love!

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