best wedding ring for electrician

Best Wedding Ring for Electricians

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If you paid attention in your high-school physics classes, you know that electricity and metal don’t go well together (if you’re in contact with metal that is). So what, then, happens to electricians and their wedding rings? Your wedding ring is a sign of the spark that exists between you and your special someone, but you don’t want this spark to be a literal (and possibly life threatening!) one.

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Thankfully, several alternative options exist today that are safe, practical and extremely gorgeous, too! Read on to find out what options are in hand when it comes to the best wedding ring for electricians.

The Best Wedding Rings for Electricians—A Guide

Ideally, a wedding ring for an electrician shouldn’t be conductive, obtrusive or pose risks or hazards to their jobs. This rules out metals, unless you take special care to use non-conductive gloves or don’t deal often with live wires and current. Since we know how probable the chances of the latter are, it is wise to opt for wedding rings made out of non-conductive material, such as rubber, silicone and new koa wood, to name a few. Silicone, especially, is enjoying increasing popularity.

Here are a few factors, other than material, to keep in mind when picking out the best wedding ring for electricians:

Quality: When picking out a ring, ensure that the quality is extremely high, keeping you protected at all times. Silicone, especially, comes in different grades, so ensure you’re getting a ring of the highest quality, such as medical-grade silicone. Low-quality rings can cause inflammation and infections.

Design: Ensure that the ring is practically designed, without sharp, piercing edges that could potentially injure you. Additionally, a thick band will feel bulky and obstructive, so opt for a wedding band that’s a maximum of 1-2 mm thick. Also, look for breathability in your ring, so that you’re not sweating because of the ring and falling prey to skin problems.

Fit: Look for rings that fit well and are comfortable, to ensure that they provide the least inconvenience to you.

The Final Word

With the increasing popularity of metal alternatives like silicone and rubber, many brands are offering attractive designs in these materials. Many brands even offer to customize rings for you in these materials, such as Kobelli and Super Jewelers, so head to these for some unique, high-quality, personalized rings that can withstand the tough demands of your job!

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