best wedding ring for fat fingers

Best Wedding Ring for Fat Fingers

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When choosing a wedding ring, something that is often overlooked is that not everyone has the same type of fingers and not all types of rings will suit every hand. The “one size fits all” concept does not work here and when you’re shopping for a wedding ring, it’s extremely important to take into account the shape of your hand and finger type.

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So, what is the best wedding ring for fat fingers? Read on to know about the range of wedding rings that look amazing on fat fingers.

Pros and Cons of Fat Fingers

The main plus of having fat fingers is that you can wear a bolder, statement-making wedding ring. These designs can be unflattering and overwhelming for a person with smaller and thinner fingers.

On the other hand, simple and minimalist rings can look too small and get lost on your finger. So, you need to choose a wedding ring with a more elaborate design or a larger stone, which can make the ring more expensive.

Best Wedding Ring for Fat Fingers Shopping Tips

If you have short, fat fingers, then here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a wedding ring:

Choose a ring setting or gemstone that offers good coverage for your finger. Choose wider settings that will show lesser skin. If there is too much skin visible on both sides of the ring, it will end up making the ring smaller and your finger looking much wider.

A wedding ring with a thicker band will stand out much better compared to thin bands. However, take care that the band is not too thin, as it can highlight the thickness and chubbiness of your finger. The idea is to find the right balance that makes your fingers look good.

Avoid rings having gemstone cuts and square designs because these emphasize the thickness of your fingers. Opt for cuts like oval, pear or marquise. These help to make your fingers look long and thin. The stone can be set either vertically or horizontally. Both offer a lovely visual appeal.

Choosing a round diamond cut is a good idea because it is neutral and flatters fingers of any shape. This works very well, especially if you are looking for a classic, traditional style wedding ring.

Some of the best wedding ring designs for fat fingers are rings with double halo ring setting, east-to-west gemstone orientation, open split-shank setting and geometric ring settings.

No two people have exactly the same kind of hands and fingers and what is the perfect wedding ring for one may not be perfect for another. When you go ring shopping, it is extremely important to take into account your finger type and choose the right design that can downplay the things that you don’t like about your fingers and accentuate the beauty of your hands.

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