best wedding ring for mechanic

Best Wedding Ring for Mechanics

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When your hands are literally hard at work all day, you need a durable wedding ring that can take the load, hold its shape during accidents, keep your finger safe and be taken off quickly in case of emergencies. While it’s always great to have a ring as durable as your love, it becomes a necessity when you’re in a labor-intensive job like being a mechanic!

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So what’s the best wedding ring for mechanics? Or rather, which metals are the best for a mechanic’s wedding ring? Read on to find out!

The Best Wedding Rings for Mechanics—A Guide

As mentioned earlier, wedding rings for mechanics need to be tough, durable and retain their aesthetic value despite the possible wear and tear, scuffing and impact. The three metals that fit these criteria are gold, tungsten and titanium. Gold can always be restored to its sheen (though it’s not very durable), whereas tungsten and titanium are strong and scratch resistant.

Gold Rings: Quite contrarily, gold is a good choice for mechanics because it’s softer than other metals. This means that it can be cut off if there’s an emergency. For better durability, pick a 14k gold band over 10k; the former also isn’t as prone to tarnishing as the latter. Gold is also available in a range of colors (white, yellow, rose, two and three tone) and can be restored to look new.

Titanium: Probably the most scratch-resistant metal out there, titanium boasts three times the strength of steel. Excellent durability, extreme strength (the strongest naturally-occurring metal) and resistance to bending make this a popular option among mechanics, construction workers and those in manual-labor-intensive jobs. Additionally, its natural silver-white tone makes it look similar to white gold, silver and platinum, but at half the price. Titanium rings can also be easily cut through in case of emergencies (if it’s 100% titanium). It’s also lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Tungsten: We’ve saved the best for last; tungsten is all kinds of durable, hard and scratch-and-bend resistant. Tungsten is supposed to be at least 4x harder than titanium and 10x harder than 18k gold. Tungsten also has a finish that lasts ages.

Wrapping Up

Alternative metals have become immensely popular, especially among those who are in labor-intensive jobs. You can find some of the most gorgeous gold rings at Angara, whereas Kobelli has a great collection of titanium and tungsten rings; head over to these to find the best wedding ring for mechanics!

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