best wedding rings for men under 100

Best Wedding Rings for Men Under $100

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Weddings are an exciting and fun affair, but they are also expensive events that one may not always see the value in. If you want to have a small and economical wedding, a less expensive wedding ring is a good place to start. The following are some of the places where you can find men’s wedding rings under $100. We think these are well-priced options that will also give you incredible quality as well.

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Kobelli Rings is a great place to call upon if you are looking for men’s wedding rings under $100. We have found this brand to be especially versatile when it comes to men’s wedding ring designs. The bands are simple, classy, and elegant—perfect for a gentleman who wants to “put a ring on it”. If you are on a budget, there are different types of metal you can consider other than the more expensive gold or platinum. For example, tungsten is a good example of a reasonably priced metal. Kobelli has several tungsten and tungsten carbide rings, some with an elegant color finish, while others as simple bands. There are also bands with more elaborate motifs and designs for someone looking for more detailed work.

What we like about Kobelli is that the brand offers frequent discounts, so you are sure to find something you like under $100.


Angara Rings is another option to find men’s wedding rings under $100. Here too we would recommend looking at the tungsten and tungsten carbide options if you have a budget. Among the tungsten designs as well, you can find bands that have a dome design, some have a bevel design while some others may have a grooved center. These rings are simple and elegant and offer an understated look that appeals to most men. What we appreciate about Angara is that you can always be assured of quality and there is a certificate of authenticity with each product.

Depending on when you are buying the rings, you can also rely on seasonal discounts so you can find something that is closer to your budget.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler Rings is a brand where you are most likely to find men’s wedding rings under $100. While the other two brands may have options that are slightly over $100 (though not too high above the given budget), but Super Jeweler has options that are comfortably within the budget. The tungsten and wood flat top rings are some of the best options. But just because you are looking for rings that are low in price, it does not mean you have to compromise on quality.

There are also frequent discounts and sales, so you can find something more extravagant within your budget if you are lucky.

Weddings rings are special pieces of jewelry, but often the expenses of weddings seem too indulgent. If you are looking for a wedding ring on a lower budget, this is a good and economical decision. We think you will find something you like out of the brands mentioned above.

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