best wedding ring for nurses

Best Wedding Ring for Nurses

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In a profession that’s as demanding as nursing, it only makes sense to expect a wedding ring that can rise to the occasion and meet these demands! Nurses work under very specific conditions at hospitals and clinics, which means in addition to personal taste, you’ll also need to consider how obtrusive the ring is, how durable it is and the design.

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If your special someone is a nurse and you need a ring to either pop the question or say your ‘I do’s, read on to know more about getting the best wedding ring for nurses!

The Best Wedding Ring for Nurses – A Guide

As mentioned earlier, a few factors are necessary to keep in mind when picking out a ring for someone in the nursing profession, apart from personal taste. These include:

Durability: You don’t want the ring to be fragile and potentially harm the wearer or their patients during an important and/or delicate procedure. Additionally, nurses work with a lot of medicines and chemicals, so it is essential to find a ring that won’t degrade or get worn down. The ring will also have to be durable in the sense that the gemstone doesn’t come loose on any impact, such as while getting knocked against equipment or machines.

Obtrusive: When picking out a wedding ring for a nurse, the less obtrusive the design, the better. You don’t want the ring getting in the way, such as while administering medicines and injections, performing various procedures, tearing through gloves, or snagging on clothes and equipment.

Design: While picking out a design for a nurse’s wedding ring, choose a simple, smooth design that won’t collect dirt or potentially harm or scratch the wearer or the patients.

Rings with a smooth finish are the “cleanest” bet; their smooth surfaces are resistant to collecting dirt. As pretty as elaborate designs are, their many crevices are dirt magnets.

This doesn’t mean that the only option available is a plain wedding band; bar designs, for example, have such closely-set diamonds that there are minimal chances for dirt to get in. Such designs make for the best wedding ring for nurses.

Considering all of the above, low-profile rings and bezel-set rings are excellent options. Their design is such that there are minimal chances of tearing, snagging or getting damaged.

Multi-row diamonds and diamond bands are also great, especially compared to traditional high-set rings. High-set rings, though they show off the diamond, can obstruct the flow of work. They also tend to get caught or snag and can even tear through gloves; not only does this waste gloves and cost time (in re-sterilizing) and money, but it also presents quite a health and safety risk. The design is also quite damage prone; the gemstone can come loose from its setting, on impact.

Soft metals such as gold and silver are not a wise option for nurses; they’re weak, get easily bent out of shape and get scratched and worn down easily. This is especially true for 18k gold; the purer the gold, the softer and weaker it is. Platinum is a stronger and more durable option.

If you want to flout convention, it’s wise to consider alternative metals and substitutes, such as medical-grade silicone/rubber rings, lightweight-yet-durable titanium rings and smooth, scratch-resistant tungsten rings. Though these may seem more subdued than traditional sparklers, they’re subtly beautiful in their own way!

Parting Words

While it may seem super stressful—sometimes, even impossible—to pick out a ring for someone in the nursing profession, fear not. There’s a ring out there for everyone, especially if you know where to look and what to look for.

We certainly hope our article helped you with that and that you are now better equipped when it comes to the best wedding ring for nurses!

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