Best Wedding Rings for Women

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best wedding rings for womenThe most common thing you will hear after your engagement, apart from the word congratulations, is “show me the ring”. That’s the significance of that little piece of metal with a rock on it. But we don’t have to tell you that.

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Once you cross the bridge, there comes the big one. Picking a wedding ring – and that can be tricky, hence why we’re here to help! Let’s begin.

Best Wedding Rings for Women Compared

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Top 3 Best Wedding Rings for Women

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the best women’s wedding ring vendors on the market, as well as some excellent models they offer, ensuring you find the perfect one for you.

You have probably been told that it takes time, research and sometimes a little chunk of dough from the savings account to do this right. If you weren’t prepared for this lovely surprise, there is still good news. Today, there are plenty of places that make the process of choosing a wedding ring for women (and for men too actually) rather easy and flexible. And we are here too, to help you find the best wedding rings for women.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsThese good folks have almost 400 different readymade wedding rings just for women. Their collection is made of gold, silver and platinum in terms of metals, almost a dozen different gemstones, 10 different styles and available in four shapes. And the price range for each of the rings is flexible too, depending on the choices you make.

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Take the Five Stone Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Band for instance. The price range is from $400 to $6,000. That is because you get to choose the quality of the gemstone. You can also pick the total carat weight from 0.5 carats to over 2 carats. Then comes the metal. You can choose from white, rose and yellow gold or silver or platinum. And the ring is available from sizes 3 to 14. Plus, if you pay extra, you can get an enhanced warranty on your purchase. The width of the ring is 2.3 mm and its height is 4.3 mm. There are three blue sapphires and they are enhanced by heating.

And here is the best part. With Angara, you can return the ring for a full refund if you are not happy with it. Of course, it must be in the same state that you received it in. And that is just one example of their vast collection and excellent customer service.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsIf that didn’t rock (pardon the pun) your world, here’s another choice. For over 40 years, Kobelli Rings have been striving to make the most important day of your life a gift. Their way of doing it is to perfect the symbol of your love and commitment to your partner.

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And here is how far they have come. From the Chevron Point Diamond Ring to the 3 mm Eternal Band, there are plenty of elegant and interesting choices. You can choose from white, yellow and rose gold. The rings are available from sizes 4 to 11 and there is a flexible payment plan on both rings.

Now, the first choice is a band with twenty-one natural diamonds cut to draw their way across a chevron pointed ring. It goes beautifully with most engagement rings and can both be worn together all the time. The diamonds are in G-H color and have I1-I2 clarity.

The second choice is made of diamonds grown in the lab. They encircle a solid gold band in the u-split-prong setting. It is full of glamor and nothing out sparkles this ring, except maybe your smile on the big day.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsWhether you want the classic diamond wedding bands or exclusively prefer eternity bands or expensive ones or silver bands or those made of alternate metals like titanium and tungsten, Super Jewelers has you covered. And guess what! A personalized engraving is free with all of them.

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If you want diamonds, the band can still be gold (white, yellow or rose), platinum or sterling silver. Pick anything from the 10k or the 14k collections. Most of them are available in sizes 3 to 11 in round, princess or oval cut. The same is true for diamond eternity bands too.

If you want something in the alternative metals section, you will have the advantage of looking trendy while easing the burden on your wallet. This is a wedding, after all. And if you do it soon, there is a huge discount on most of these items along with flexible payment options. Some of them can also be worn as thumb rings which admittedly is an infinitesimally cooler look on anyone’s hands.

In Conclusion

Choosing a wedding ring for the bride is often made out to be this impossible exercise. But there is nothing more exciting and joyous than the pleasure of finding a collection that has the best wedding rings for her. Everything else from your wedding day will be gone but this is the one thing that promises to stay with you along with your partner. Pick it with care.

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