best rose gold wedding rings

Best Rose Gold Wedding Rings

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Your wedding jewelry is something you will remember and cherish forever. Wedding rings are important and special. While most people choose a silver or gold band, we think rose gold is a unique choice for a wedding ring. The following are the best rose gold wedding rings that you can find in the market.

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We think Angara Rings do an incredible job of working with rose gold. The metal type in itself gives any piece of jewelry a delicate and warm finish. But in addition to the metal, we think Angara Rings adds the element of design that makes the rose gold rings look so incredible and elegant. Some of the best rose gold wedding rings that the brand has to offer are the ones that prioritize simplicity and sophistication in their design.

The brand experiments with different stones and shapes for the bands. Some of our favorite designs are the ones that use diamonds and other gemstones such as blue sapphire and ruby. The last two gemstones are especially striking on a rose gold band and draw attention to their sparkling beauty.

We think the following are some of the best choices at Angara:

Emerald & Diamond Marquise and Dot Band: This striking emerald and diamond ring set in 14K rose gold is a unique and elegant wedding ring. It is a simple design that will not snag in your clothes and we appreciate that it can be worn on an everyday basis.

Classic Round Diamond Zig-Zag: This is a simple and graceful design that we think can make any hand it adorns look beautiful. The rose gold band is thin and is encrusted with sparkling diamonds. The zig-zag design gives it a unique character.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli Rings offers some vintage and classic designs that go very well with rose gold. The designs are understated with different types of gemstones adding sparkle. If you are interested in only a rose gold band without the stones, there are several plain designs as well. What we also appreciate about Kobelli rings is that it has several designs that are available in different metal types in addition to rose gold. So if you saw a white gold design that you would prefer in rose gold, Kobelli can make that happen.

Kobelli also has several options for stackable rings which is a practice some people find convenient. If you want to wear your rings only on one finger and keep the rest of your hand clean, the stackable options are very useful.

We think the following are some of the best rose gold wedding rings from Kobelli:

TW Diamond Classic Wedding Band: This simple wedding band has 38 diamonds in a pave and bezel setting. The diamonds are round and cover the rim of the rose gold band. The ring has a classic look that will go with all other kinds of jewelry.

Black Diamond Comfort Fit Flame French Pave Band: This band has a unique design and we think will automatically be a conversation starter, thanks to the contrast of the elegant black diamonds with the warmth of the rose gold. The flame French pave setting is ideal for the 13 stones.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler Rings have been a reputed and trusted name since 1999, and we think this legacy brand has some of the best rose gold wedding rings. You can pick out of a range of options, including the more elaborate diamond rings or the simpler rose gold bands with minimal stonework. You can also pick the karat size of the ring with ease. One of our favorite things about Super Jeweler is that the brand offers custom jewelry and personalized rings, making for the perfect ring for your better half.

Some of the rings we liked at Super Jeweler are:

1/10ct Micropave Diamond Band in 14k Rose Gold: This simple rose gold band is an incredibly elegant design. The band has 21 round diamonds set in 14K rose gold. A simple design that speaks for itself!

1/3 Carat Emerald Cross Wedding Band In 14 Karat Rose Gold: This stunning wedding band brings together the sparkling contrast of a vibrant emerald and dull rose gold. There are 21 stones in this 14K rose gold band.


Rose gold is a beautiful and unique color that goes with every skin complexion. The spectacular color is also a great base for experimenting with gemstones over various types and colors. Wedding rings are one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will buy in life, and we think the brands mentioned above will have what you are looking for.

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