best white gold band wedding rings

Best White Gold Band Wedding Rings

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Here is a little confession. White gold rings are some of our favorite wedding bands. They have an elegant and classy look. They look great with every outfit. You can wear them on any finger. And white gold can pass off as platinum and silver. Well, not always, but if you do it right, you might just be able to. And if you are here, we are thinking you might just be in the same boat as us.

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Best White Gold Band Wedding Rings

What does doing right mean? Gather around, kids. Because today we are unleashing the magic of white gold on you. There is no arguing with the fact that the best white gold wedding rings are the perfect balance of brilliance in design and cost effectiveness. And here is a look at some of the best collections that do just that.

Angara Rings

Angara has almost 500 different rings made of white gold, whether you are looking for a wedding ring for men or women in classic or contemporary styles. There are over 20 gemstones to pick from and craft into a dozen styles and five different shapes. This is going to take some time so get comfortable, folks.

If you choose something slender like the Round Ruby and Diamond Crossover Ring, this is what you get. It is a 14k white gold ring studded with rubies and diamonds set alternately on the shank. It is a crossover band that features an appealing and unique design. It has four round rubies that come in four different grades of quality. The ring is available in all sizes and is enhanced through heat.

There is a summer discount right now and even an offer for a free gift along with the purchase. You can pay for the ring in three installments and get it shipped for free. There is a lifetime warranty and if you pay a little extra you can get enhanced warranty. Once you place the order with your preferences clearly marked, they custom make the ring and get it to you as soon as possible. And this is just one example of how smooth the process is.

Kobelli Rings

Next up on the list is the glitz and glamor from Kobelli rings. For forty years, the good folks here have been helping people find the special bands for a truly special day. So even if you narrow their choices to white gold, they will get you through the finish line.

Take their Five Baguette Diamond Clusters White Gold Wedding Band as an example. This one is a baguette with round diamonds in a cluster design. Each of the clusters can hold five diamonds in a baguette cut. And they are pinned with diamonds on the corners. It is visually stunning and the baguette cut adds to the sparkle. The ring is made of 14k white gold and has a high polish interior. Overall, it has 45 natural diamonds in G-H color with I1 clarity. Now, who can say this won’t brighten your wedding day!

Super Jeweler Rings

With this, you will hit the jackpot. Super Jeweler Rings has a collection of over 5,000 of the best white gold wedding rings. There are thousands of rings available in 10, 14 and 18 karats. Many of them are available in sizes 3 to 17 but a bulk of the collection is in sizes 7 to 9.

The Sapphire and Diamond Channel Set Band, for example, consists of natural diamonds that are finely crafted with sapphires. It is a ring with the best of both worlds thanks to the 1/4 ct gemstone channel set band. The diamonds are all in the gorgeous G-H color with SI1/SI2 clarity. The ring itself features in 14k white gold and can hold its own. But if you don’t have an absolutely unique engagement ring, this looks good stacked with another ring on your finger too.

It is an affordable ring with flexible payment options. In fact, there is no interest if you pay for it in full within six months of the purchase. There is a great discount right now and you can also get it in yellow gold if that pleases you. But admit it, sapphires go great with white gold.


Getting a ring in white gold will be one of the best decisions you will take in the process of prepping for your wedding day. It is second to none, except the decision to pop the question, of course. Yes, we are that confident in this metal and the above recommendations. Good luck and happy shopping.

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