best rubber wedding rings

Best Rubber Wedding Rings

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Wait; did we just say rubber wedding rings? You bet we did. The new kids on the wedding block, rubber wedding rings are slowly gaining popularity among couples looking to tie the knot, no matter how many associates at fancy jewelry stores may give them a disdainful once-over for even suggesting the idea of a rubber wedding ring!

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Contrarily, rubber wedding rings are ideal because they’re cheap, durable, look great, and don’t buy into the whole industry-set tradition of expensive wedding rings that only serve to heighten retailers’ profits.

The Best Rubber Wedding Rings

The best rubber wedding rings are made of high-grade silicone. These rings come after the alternative-metal revolution in the wedding industry, extremely popular among those who don’t fancy metal and the upkeep it requires. Its low-maintenance nature makes rubber rings popular among those who lead active lifestyles, too.

Silicone rings, unlike other metals, are almost 0% prone to damage. They also have a high resistance to heat, fit well, can be comfortably taken on and off thanks to their elastic nature, and won’t cost you any more than $100—and that’s for the cream of the crop. Silicone rings are also breathable, hypoallergenic and don’t cause pain; thanks to their increasing popularity, many brands are selling rubber wedding rings in a range of colors and styles (including unique styles such as Camo and general styles such as stackables), so customers have a more varied collection of best rubber wedding rings to pick from.

Though initially meant solely for men, the attractiveness of these rings gave rise to a demand for them among women, leading to brands manufacturing and selling rubber wedding rings for women.

The Final Word

Traditional metals make wedding rings seem like they’re only reserved for those who can shell out a bomb for them. Rubber wedding rings turned this attitude around on its head, reaching a large audience with their practicality, great price (they’re half the price of their closest competitor’s average price point—tungsten) and great designs. Wedding rings got a whole lot more inclusive and practical, given the materials almost zero need for maintenance, high safety, comfort and great fit.

For those on a tight budget looking to tie the knot without anything being taken away from their big day, rubber wedding rings are the way to go!

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