best silicone wedding rings

Best Silicone Wedding Rings

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Traditionally, wedding bands are made of hard precious metals; however, soon after you have exchanged your wedding vows, the honeymoon is done and dusted and you get back into your everyday routine, you soon realize that your wedding ring is getting in the way.

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Not only does it clink against everything you touch, but there is also a real worry that you’ll lose your precious ring down the drain and your ring can be a safety hazard too, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. And, you’re probably taking off your wedding band every time you wash the dishes, workout at the gym or work on your hobbies.

You’ll be surprised to know that these days, wedding rings made of silicone are becoming extremely popular.

What Are Silicone Wedding Rings?

Relatively new in the jewelry market, silicone wedding rings are becoming quite a popular alternative to metal wedding rings. They are preferred by both men and women who don’t want to wear the usual metal wedding ring or lead an active lifestyle. The first silicone wedding ring was created in 1996 by Saferingz when Cameron Bair came up with the idea for it.

Bair frequently damaged his gold wedding band because of his active lifestyle, yet wanted to wear a wedding band and was looking for a more durable option. And so, the first silicone wedding band came into existence. More and more brands joined the bandwagon and began creating silicone wedding rings and soon, they became a popular choice over metal rings made of platinum, gold, titanium or tungsten, etc.

Silicone wedding rings are essentially made of silicone rubber, a polymer of silicon and other elements like carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Silicone rings are extremely comfortable to wear and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged due to exposure or bumping it. And, the best part is that silicone wedding bands are extremely pocket friendly.

Advantages of Silicone Wedding Rings

Silicone wedding rings have loads of advantages, which is why they are bestsellers. The best silicone wedding rings tend to be more durable compared to traditional rings. While tungsten rings can shatter and titanium and gold rings can get cut, there is no danger that your silicone ring will be damaged if you hit it against something.

Silicone rings are very elastic and can be stretched on/off, allowing your finger to breathe and they also have high heat resistance. They are great if you have an active lifestyle and lift weights in the gym or work on cars. Silicone is resistant to oils, grease, brake fluid, etc. Silicone rings are excellent for people working in hazardous areas and especially if you’re accident prone.

Silicone rings reduce the risk of ring avulsion or any other painful accident that you could have with a traditional wedding ring. And, you don’t have to be worried that your wedding band will take off your finger (Jimmy Fallon).

Silicone wedding bands are hypoallergenic, which makes them an excellent option if you’re allergic to metals or have particularly sensitive skin. And, the stretchy silicone material is breathable and allows airflow for optimal comfort, which allows you to wear your wedding ring, without taking it off.

Today, the best silicone wedding rings can be found in a wide range of brands, styles, designs and colors and now, there are some cool ones available even for women. And, the most important benefit of silicone wedding rings is that they are super affordable. And, you can get one easily at around $50 to $100 without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, silicone bands make excellent wedding rings for several reasons. Not only do they offer the feel of a traditional wedding band, but they offer enhanced safety, convenience and comfort.

The best part is that silicone wedding rings are virtually indestructible. They are super lightweight and flexible and will come off easily if they get caught in something or while you’re doing manual labor, which means that you don’t have to worry about an injury or damage at the gym, your workshop or on the basketball court. And, they can also withstand gas, oil and any situation that a metal ring will not.

The best silicone wedding rings are so thin that you will not even feel that you’re wearing one. They come in sleek designs, styles, colors and even simulated metal looks—there is a silicone wedding ring for everyone. In short, silicone wedding rings are a fantastic alternative ring option if you want the aesthetic advantages of a traditional wedding ring, without having to sacrifice your active lifestyle.

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