best wedding ring stores

Best Wedding Rings Stores

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When you are dizzyingly in love with someone, there is only one thing left to do. Pop the question and put a ring on them. But if you’re here, you have probably already done that and also popped the champagne. But the big day is still a little ways down the road and it’s time to set this thing in stone. And what do you need for that? The perfect stone.

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Well, it doesn’t have to be exactly that but you need a ring that will convey the complex array of emotions in your heart. Let the hunting begin.

Best Wedding Rings Stores

One of the first things to do before you get cracking is the jeweler. But even for that, you need answers to some very practical questions. Sample this.

Will they be wearing the ring 24*7?

Because that means it kind of has to match with casual jeans and cocktail attire.

Do you know the shape and style that they prefer?

Because you have the choice from classics to quirky. Round, oval and marquise are all fine choices.

Do you know their choice of cut and other facets of the ring?

Because there are a ton of them from emerald cut to princess cut to pick from.

Do they like to be more traditional or would something Bohemian please them?

Because even unusual choices like trilliant are quite popular.

And these are just some of the answers you need before raiding the best wedding rings stores.

Angara Rings

This has been one of the top choices for everyone who has a little room in their budget (and you ideally should because you will hopefully do this only once). Don’t worry. There is a little room for adjustment thanks to the discounts and free shipping and such.

Whether you want a plain wedding ring or a diamond wedding ring or one with gemstones, Angara Rings has a boatload of choices. They have a whole range for men and women. So whoever you are picking for, this is a great place to land. There is a choice of five different gemstones, seven different metals, ten different styles in at least three different shapes.

Kobelli Rings

Second on our list is Kobelli Rings. From eclectic cobalt chromes and electric blue brushes to more traditional choices like rose gold and satin matte gold, they have an impressive range. Some of them are a bit expensive but they are so good you will be tempted to shatter the ceilings of your budget.

Interestingly, they also have some gender-neutral selections indicating that Kobelli Rings is living in the 21st century, unlike some of the other stores. You can choose from gold, elysium, platinum and tungsten for the metal, at least 10 different shapes and more than a dozen stones in 14 different styles. Now that’s called a range. Is it any surprise that this made it to the list of best wedding rings stores?

Super Jeweler Rings

If all the options around are only confusing you, here’s an idea. Just get a customized one. If that is all the more daunting because you don’t know what you are looking for, Super Jeweler Rings has a solution just for you.

All you need to know is go on their website and pick from the choices in front of you. The ring starts to take shape on the right side of the screen as you add details on the left. It is almost the same as picking accessories for your electronics. Just don’t describe it that way to your partner and you will be fine. Between three styles, four metals and two types of fits, you will find the one that is for you.

Rockford Collection Rings

And last but definitely not least is Rockford Collection. They have a great range of wedding rings for men but none less fancy than the choices that women today have. They are a bit pricey but very coveted and for good reason. Six metals (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, everblak and two-tone gold) and two gemstones (white diamonds and black diamonds) later, you will walk out with a winner in hand. You can also choose to get one without any gemstones and that’s the beauty of that, guys. They have a terrific range of wedding rings and being exclusively for men only means that they have narrowed business down to what they know best. And admit it, you do appreciate that.

The Bottom Line

When you think about the decisions you have ahead of you, it can be quite overwhelming to keep going. Unfortunately, that’s the task ahead. Fortunately, though, that is precisely why we are here. You have already made the biggest decision, the rest can easily be dealt with. You can thank us later.

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