best tungsten wedding rings

Best Tungsten Wedding Rings

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Gone are the days when wedding bands were reserved solely for gold, and of late, platinum and silver too. Wedding bands going tungsten is a trend that no one would have been able to predict, but now that it’s here, it’s here to stay!

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Tungsten wedding bands are sleek, contemporary, ridiculously scratch resistant, and even more ridiculously reasonably priced! With a weight and feel similar to gold or platinum, tungsten rings are easy to remove, hardy (they don’t easily bend out of shape), and wonderfully hypoallergenic. The natural gun-metal grey of tungsten offers it a unique finish and appeal; however, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can easily plate your ring white, black or even gold, and nobody would be any wiser!

If you’d like a lovely tungsten ring marking your momentous day, here’s a list of the brands selling the best tungsten rings.

The Best Tungsten Rings


Popular jewelry brand Angara offers a limited but beautiful range of tungsten carbide rings that look great and fit even better. These rings come in sleek designs, including solid colors, dual tones, polished, matte and satin finishes. All bands are custom made, once the order is placed, by the brand’s experts. This ensures a comfortable fit every time.

Angara offers free band engraving. Additionally, the rings, priced between $149 and $189, come with a free 3o-day-return deal, a lifetime warranty and free shipping included in the price.

Kobelli Rings

Kobi Klatz’s California-based jewelry brand, Kobelli Rings, also offers a limited collection of tungsten rings, but given how gorgeous these rings are (we wager they’re among the best-looking tungsten rings in the market), you won’t miss or need the extra options, anyway! The brand’s tungsten rings are available in a range of sizes and colors, for both men and women, and come with a limited lifetime warranty, Moissanite warranty, and the option of adding on Lavalier insurance.

Where Angara offers simple groove designs and standard finishes, Kobelli takes it a notch higher with intricate inlays and patterns. Additionally, you have the choice of colors like electric blue, rose gold, gold and black, whereas most other brands only offer black and silver tungsten rings. We especially love the detailing and color combination of the brand’s black and rose Celtic dragon inlay band (also available in an equally fetching silver and electric blue combination)—in fact, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that this ring ranks within the top 5 when it comes to best tungsten rings!

Oh, and did we mention that this stunning ring will only cost you a ridiculously dirt-cheap $120?

Super Jeweler Rings

Another go-to for alternative metal wedding bands, Super Jeweler is among the few brands to offer tungsten-and-koa-wood rings. These stellar rings, though few, come in a series of attractive designs, in sizes ranging from 7-13. Super Jeweler’s tungsten rings are also the cheapest on our list—they start at a mere $49 and are $99 at their most expensive. There’s also the option of paying in installments.

Additionally, free engraving, a 60-day no-hassle return policy and lifetime guarantee come included in the price.

The Final Word

Tungsten rings are slowly taking over weddings around the world, and why not? These rings are sleek, comfortable, wonderfully cheap and are capable of lasting you a lifetime—ties up really well with the idea and spirit of weddings, we think! Instead of blowing up your savings on an expensive metal, consider tungsten rings—you get all the perks of traditional rings at a fraction of the cost.

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