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cheap engagement ringsOne of the most popular notions about buying an engagement ring is to spend months of your hard-earned salary on it. And some can do it. Some even like doing it. But here’s the thing. You can avoid that and still get something stunning that your partner will love. This is actually a trend that is picking up just like the trend of budget weddings and glorious honeymoons. You just need to learn about a few shortcuts to getting that great engagement ring within your budget.

One of the most important aspects of an engagement ring, cheap or otherwise, is the stone. In that respect, you are lucky if your partner does not have their heart set on a diamond.

In fact, a lot of them are okay with the look of a diamond without actually getting the big stone that is now dubbed a girl’s best friend. It was a great marketing strategy from the industry and yes, it has its charms. But there are many other ways to steal someone’s heart without spending a fortune. That’s what we are here to help you with.

Best Cheap Engagement Rings

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Top 3 Cheap Engagement Rings

If you want a cheap engagement ring and your partner is open to options other than diamonds, consider moissanite. While the stone itself occurs in nature, a lot of them are made in the lab.

They are a bit more affordable than diamonds and put you out of ethical dilemmas too. But if you definitely want a diamond, here’s how to work that out. You’ve probably heard of the 4Cs in the diamond shopping context. It stands for color, cut, clarity and carats (that’s the size and weight of the diamond). All of these are graded and can be verified. The cut ranges from poor to ideal/excellent. Diamond clarity grades go from flawless to included. Color is simpler. It is an alphabetical grade that starts with D which is colorless till Z which is a light color.

Now, if you want an affordable diamond, look for the cut and clarity before you check the color. A diamond in D color and flawless clarity is going to cost you a ton of money. In the budget range, K color diamonds are quite popular. This is just one of the tricks. We will look at some more as we go through some examples.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsThis is a good choice for those who are looking for cheap engagement rings but also don’t want to compromise on style. Angara Rings has been in the business for a couple of decades. Initially, they were supplying only to large retailers but since they have opened up their services to the general public, folks have been showering them with a lot of love and rightfully so.

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Their collection of what we are calling cheap engagement rings is actually quite elaborate because they have caught up with the current trends. You will find thousands (over 4,000 to be precise) of rings at your disposal and within budget.

Angara Rings has a collection of about three dozen gemstones ranging from opal to citrine to freshwater cultured pearls. These stones can be featured in a variety of designs in platinum, gold (white, yellow, rose, two tone) and silver metals.

From classic to vintage to stackables and eternity, there are very many styles in which you can get the gems styled. Most of them are anywhere between zero to over three carats. But the specifics should be left to individual stones and designs. Let’s check out some examples.

Round Diamond Split Shank Heart Promise Ring: This one is one of the most affordable engagement rings in the Angara Rings collection. If you are looking for cheap this is a pretty good start.

It is a dainty ring with an open heart frame at the center. You can see 17 sparkling round diamonds arranged in a prong setting. The total weight of the diamonds is 1/15 carat and they glitter beautifully on the split shank.

It is crafted in a lovely 14k rose gold body and comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can also opt for the diamond in different colors and clarity.

Now, here’s where you get to cut corners. The engraving is free as is the shipping. Use the code ‘SUMMER’ for a special offer. You can also pay for this in multiple installments. So, that’s another load off your mind. Check out the other offers because you might just get a free gift with this purchase.

Classic Solitaire Oval Amethyst Promise Ring: Our second choice is this beautiful and affordable engagement ring which is mounted on a 14k white gold shank.

It features an amethyst in oval shape and comes in a four-prong setting. The purple will look gorgeous on any finger and has a kind of a velvety feel to it. So take it from us that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the sparkle. It is a classic amethyst ring that is meant to sweep you off your feet.

And, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and with a little extra you can get an enhanced warranty. This too comes with free shipping and free engraving. You can also avail discount with the code SUMMER. If you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days which is free within the US.

It is available in multiple ring sizes and all orders are custom made after you give your specifications. It is for those who are looking for something affordable but special away from the diamond designs.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsOur second jeweler on the list of cheap engagement rings is Kobelli Rings. With experience of over four decades in the diamond industry, Kobelli rings makes enviable designs and takes pride in their precision engineering.

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They are also big fans of doing things ethically. So they promise only to deal with conflict-free diamonds. That’s always a good reason to support a supplier. Kobelli was born in California but today, they have outlets in several parts of the world.

They are good with classic beauties from three-stone engagement rings to intricate and exclusive designs. They like to have a natural center and surround that stone with accent diamonds on the side in different shapes. They are craftsmen who put a lot of work into details and that is visible in the designs. So let’s take a dip into their online collection.

Diamond Chain Ring 1/10 Carat in 14k White Gold: If you like simple stuff, take a look at this guy. This is a beautiful diamond engagement ring that comes in a chain design. It comes in a 14k white gold metal body and has one diamond in the center which is a signature Kobelli move.

The setting is bezel and the stone clarity is I1-I2 and color is GH. The total weight of the diamond is 1/10 carat and it is round in shape. So far so good? Let’s keep going. The ring comes in different sizes from 4 to 11.

For those who want the cost-effective details, here we go. This engagement ring can be paid for in multiple installments and if you are not happy with the final product, you can return it within 60 days. That’s a bigger window than what is offered by most jewelers. So right there, you can see Kobelli’s confidence which is a good sign.

6mm Stone Gold Chain Ring: If that did not quite do the trick, here’s our second option. This is a grand gold chain ring that comes with a 6 mm stone and guess what, you get to choose between garnet, amethyst, smoky quartz and diamond for the centerpiece.

Now, the stone is not just about looking pretty. But we will get to that in a minute. The centerpiece is designed with artistic mastery. This is a simple but rather unique design that is placed in a 14k yellow gold ring. The band is playful and the solitaire design keeps your eye on the ball.

And about the stones. Garnet is a mix of orange and red that symbolizes harmony and is said to purify energy. It is considered as a birthstone for the month of January and is said to turn hopes into reality.

Amethyst is a purple stone and is a symbol of wisdom. It is said to promote healing and emotional balance. Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February.

The smoky quartz is an earthy one that is said to evoke positivity and bring calmness to the soul by dispelling darkness. It is the birthstone for the month of June.

Diamond, unsurprisingly, is said to inspire courage and ethics and is the birthstone for the month of April. This too comes with free shipping and 60-day return option. So get cracking.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsOnce you figure out how to find cheap engagement rings, the task comes down to what it really is. Finding the ring that works for your partner. One of the popular ways of doing it is to get one made. Because, quite often, even when you like the collections, you can’t shake this feeling that something is missing.

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But a lot of us are not confident enough to take the leap and get one made. Especially if you feel like you don’t know enough about jewelry. But isn’t it nice to have the option of a jeweler who specializes not only in making affordable rings but also takes enough care to make sure those rings reflect your personality? We know. That’s why our third option is Super Jeweler Rings.

These good folks have been doing exactly that since 1999 when they embraced the internet revolution and decided to offer their amazing designs to the general public at really low prices.

They look for the best deals on gemstones and metals so that they can bring the best fashion jewelry to you at a price that does not cause you to frown. They have a staff that is dedicated to this mission. They proudly claim to make just about anything and produce the highest quality jewelry. Super Jeweler Rings also has an in-house factory which reduces their turnaround time and makes it really easy for them to get your product ready in record time. Their designs are new, exclusive and the collection is enormous. So, let’s jump in.

Black Diamond Solitaire Ring: This is a unique piece of jewelry. It is an enhanced black diamond that features a 10-karat yellow gold metal body in a solitaire cut. The diamond alone is half a carat with a clarity of I2-I3. It is a natural or earth-mined diamond in the round-brilliant form. You can also choose to get the same in white gold and alter the size of the diamond from ¼ carat to two carats. Of course, the price will vary.

Super Jeweler Rings offers free shipping and a 60-day return option which is extremely flexible when buying expensive objects. You can also pay for the ring in multiple installments and if you pay the full price within six months, there will be no interest. That is an added perk.

It is also covered by the jeweler’s lifetime guarantee and if you have any queries before or after the purchase, you can ping their very friendly customer service executives. There are a lot of good things about this ring and hardly any cons.

Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring: But, if you are not into earth-mined diamonds, here is an option. This moissanite diamond ring has been created in the lab and makes for a fine engagement ring. It is a classic that features a rather delightful center diamond that weighs 1/4 carats. The color of the diamond is E-F and its clarity is VVS1-VVS2.

The ring comes in white gold but you do have the option of picking yellow gold or rose gold too. The same logic is applicable to the diamond. The weight of the diamond ¼ to two carats depending on how much you want to spend on it.

As is the case with all Super Jeweler Rings items, this too will be shipped to you free of cost. If you don’t like it when you see it physically, you can return it within 60 days of the purchase.

The payment can be made in multiple installments and if you do it within six months, there is no interest. This is a pretty affordable engagement ring considering that it is a part of the diamond family.

But, if you are not a big fan of diamond engagement rings, Super Jeweler Rings has a ton of other choices. For example, you can choose rings based on design or alternative metal too. The three-diamond engagement rings, for instance, are a pretty popular choice because of their representation of the past, present and future. This collection has some of the most delicately designed engagement rings with a center stone and two side stones to complement it. You can choose to put it in white, rose or yellow gold that is available in 10k, 14k or 18k.

Want to read even more about the top cheap engagement rings of all time? Then be sure to take a look at our follow-up articles below:

In Conclusion

If you are still not sure about how to cut corners, here are a couple of other tips. It is a pretty great idea to get a cluster of diamonds instead of one giant solitaire.

There is also a little secret when it comes to picking size. If you look closely, you will see that the price difference between a two-carat diamond versus a 1.7-carat diamond is quite substantial. This is because diamonds are usually placed in brackets because that figure is what most people are looking for.

When the weight is not a round figure, that seems to be a little unappealing to certain customers. It could be a great opportunity for you to jump on that train. This logic applies for one-carat diamonds versus, say, 0.97-carat diamonds. And if you are worried about the difference in their sizes, don’t. Most people can’t even tell. 0.97 looks almost the same as a one-carat engagement ring. Check it out for yourself.

The bottom line is that any engagement ring that you buy is a pretty special item of jewelry. It is a sign of never-ending love and commitment. It tells a story, your love story. It is a sign of all the great big adventures and opportunities that are waiting in your future. It is a symbol of friendship, love and the promise of fidelity that you are both about to make.

So, whether you choose a diamond or not is totally a matter of taste and budget. Whether you go for a round brilliant or a princess cut or get something with a dazzling center stone is entirely your choice.

You could pick a three-stone engagement ring or something a bit more simple but intimate. Whether your engraving is personalized or traditional, it is still an engagement band carrying the message of love. And no matter how much you choose to spend on it, it is still one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

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