cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings

Cheap Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

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If you are out in the market for an engagement ring, there may be some pressure to buy a diamond ring. Diamond rings are instant conversation starters and are supposedly a “girl’s best friend”. But while this may sound exciting in the movies and advertisements, a diamond is not a casual expense everybody can spend on.

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Besides, other stones are more striking than diamonds but do not have as much clout since they are cheaper. There is absolutely no shame in investing in an engagement ring that is cheaper and perhaps not even a real diamond. Cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings are one of your best options.

What Is a Cubic Zirconia?

A cubic zirconia is a gem that looks a lot like a diamond but is not the same at all. For starters, cubic zirconias are man-made, unlike natural diamonds that are mined (unless they are lab-produced). Even when diamonds are synthetic, they have the same mineral composition as a natural diamond. However, cubic zirconias are simply different structurally.

How Are They Different from Diamonds?

Unless you are in the presence of a gemologist, the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia is practically indiscernible to the eye of the layman. However, there are some minute differences that you can look out for to tell them apart, such as a slight tint of yellow or brown even in a ‘white diamond’, as opposed to the zirconia that will be colorless. Diamonds also have natural inclusions that you should be able to see throughout the stone when put under the microscope.

Why Cubic Zirconia Rings?

To cut the long story short, you should consider cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings over the more extravagant diamond because you can get it for much cheaper without anyone even knowing the difference!

Cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings can also be more beautiful and striking to look at than a diamond. They sparkle more vividly and you can see several types of colors refract from the stone. The worth of a diamond is often decided by how rare it is though it may have nothing to do with how the diamond looks. In fact, there are informal whispers that diamond cartels maintain a cap on the supply of diamonds in the market so the stone can remain rare and an aura can be created around that.

If diamonds could be stripped off that narrative and one were to only look at that stone, one would realize that there are better-looking alternatives out there!

In Conclusion

Diamonds may be a certain gender’s supposed best friend, but they are certainly not a friend to your pocket or bank statement. However, the pressure in the wedding market is to invest in a diamond ring as people are made to believe that is a more special declaration of love.

While cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings may not be as fancy as a diamond, they are beautiful and durable rings that make for stunning pieces of jewelry, even if they are not real diamonds!

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