cheap cushion cut engagement rings

Cheap Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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Cushion-cut engagement rings have become very popular in recent years because of its classic, elegant design and also its relatively cheaper price tag compared to a round cut diamond. A cushion cut ring is essentially a combination of a round, modern brilliant cut pattern and a classic facet pattern.

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Typically, cushion cut diamonds have a soft square or rectangular shape with rounded edges. Simply stated, a cushion cut diamond is a square cut combined with rounded edges giving an appearance like a pillow, which is where it gets its name the “cushion cut.”

So, if you’re looking for a stunning but cheap cushion cut engagement ring, then the article, where we have reviewed some of the best cheap cushion cut engagement rings.

Best Cheap Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Angara Rings

Angara has been in the business of diamonds and fine gemstones for several generations and specializes in cutting, polishing and designing diamond and other gemstone jewelry. With manufacturing facilities located in the US, Bangkok and Jaipur, Angara caters to retailers across the globe.

The company decided to sell directly to the end consumer in 2005 and over the last 13 years, Angara has grown to become a major online jewelry player. In 2020, the company has been recognized as the best online jeweler by Newsweek magazine. At Angara, you can find a range of engagement rings for any budget and it also has cheap cushion cut engagement rings that you’re sure to love.

You can choose from a range of cushion cut engagement rings in garnet, amethyst, garnet, citrine, Swiss blue topaz, peridot, onyx, blue sapphire, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, morganite, diamond and other gemstones in a variety of beautiful designs in platinum, yellow, white and rose gold.

Kobelli Rings

Founded by Kobi Katz, Kobelli Jewels is headquartered in LA, California. With more than 40 years of experience in jewelry, Kobelli manufactures unique diamond jewelry and has a huge collection of engagement rings, available in 10K, 14K and 18K gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium, etc.

Kobelli has been selling its jewelry via retailers across the country and it now carries a huge jewelry collection online. The company has a range of extremely affordable jewelry and has engagement rings for every kind of budget.

You can choose from a stunning range of cushion-cut gemstone, moissanite and diamond engagement rings in platinum and 14K and 18K white, yellow and rose gold.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years. With offices in the United States, India, China and Sri Lanka, Super Jeweler has a huge selection of jewelry both in their store, as well as online and has over 35,000 styles that you can choose from.

Super Jeweler has a wide range of stunning jewelry at extremely affordable prices to suit any kind of budget and it has a range of cheap cushion cut engagement rings in 14K white, yellow or rose gold with black and white diamonds that you can pick from.

An engagement ring need not completely wipe out your savings. Now, you can easily find cheap, yet stunning cushion cut engagement rings that are perfectly unique and that your wife to be is sure to cherish for a lifetime.

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