cheap black diamond engagement rings

Cheap Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Sure, white diamonds have traditionally been the preferred choice for engagement rings since times immemorial, but there is something to be said about the unique, mysterious, deep beauty of a black diamond. Black diamonds are increasingly becoming common in people’s jewelry, indicating the stone’s growing popularity and success.

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If you want to stray off the tried, tested and traditional path and go the black-diamond-ring way, there are plenty of brands that sell these cool stones. However, not all brands sell the best quality. If you’re looking for the best cheap engagement rings with diamonds, both in terms of quality and price, here are the 3 brands that always rise to the occasion.

The Best Cheap Black Diamond Engagement Rings


Angara has one of the most extensive engagement rings collection online, offering a range of rings with both white and black diamonds, as well as in all shades of gold, silver and even dual-tone gold. The current title holder of the No.1 online jewelry brand of the year (according to American magazine Newsweek), Angara’s black diamond rings start at $379 and are among the classiest, trendiest rings you can find!

All rings are custom made on order and come with free engraving, free shipping and 30-day returns/exchanges, as well as the option to pay in interest-free and additional-charges-free installments. The Round Enhanced Black Diamond Solitaire Ring is a great choice, priced at $602, hearts on the shoulder and a gorgeous black diamond set in 10k gold, via a 4-prong setting. For something more elaborate, check out the Leaf Motif and Crown Ring Wrap, priced at $899 and $1,007, respectively.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli Rings is another great choice for cheap black diamond engagement rings; starting at a mere $179, these rings are the cheapest on the list and possibly among the cheapest (yet high quality) rings in the market. Like Angara, Kobelli lets you pay in interest-free and charges-free installments for your purchase and offers a lifetime warranty on its products.

One of our favorite picks from Kobelli is their Black and Rose Wrap Over; though a little on the expensive side ($1,599), it’s a gorgeous work of art that warrants considering! The Black Diamond Engagement Ring in Two-Tone Gold is another lovely ring and much cheaper at $749.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jewelers is the last (but not the least!) of our go-to brands for cheap black diamond engagement rings. This brand offers gold black-diamond rings for as little as $249 and with great deals all the time, you’re assured of great prices on rings that would generally cost you much more at other brands. The brand offers a lifetime warranty, free shipping and 60-day returns/exchanges on its products, as well as super-affordable customization of jewelry.

We love the brand’s rose gold and black diamond rings—the 0.5-carat Rose Cut Black and White Diamond Halo Ring is a treat set in 14k rose gold, as is the Black and White Diamond Ring. The best part? Both rings will only set you back by $499!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for gorgeous rings at the most affordable prices, you can’t go wrong with the above 3 brands! Whatever cut, gemstone shape and metal you’re looking for, Angara, Kobelli and Super Jeweler have you covered, so don’t wait too long to pop the question, now that you know where to find the perfect ring!

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