Cheap Princess Cut Engagement Rings

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cheap princess cut engagement ringsWhat’s not to love about princess cut diamonds? Truly the royalty of the gemstone world, these square-cut diamonds are second only to round diamonds. These stones are among the most brilliant, thanks to a square shape, pointed corners and as many as 76 facets that all reflect light gorgeously while hiding any flaws. Possibly why these stones feature in a whopping 30% of all engagement rings and show no signs of slipping in the ranks.

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What further adds to the appeal is that while they are the second most popular diamond cut, they are also among the least expensive—win-win! This is because princess cut diamonds require very little polishing; most of the rough stone is retained while cutting.

Given all this, it isn’t hard to see why you and/or your partner have chosen, or want to choose, a princess cut engagement ring. Subtle yet brilliant enough to make heads turn, these stones add a literal sparkle to any finger they’re worn on! If you’re looking for cheap princess cut engagement rings, we’ve got you covered—here’s a list of our favorite brands to turn to for the best cheap princess cut engagement rings.

Best Cheap Princess Cut Engagement Rings

These are the top sources for cheap princess cut engagement rings on the market, thoroughly compared for you.




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Top 3 Cheap Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the best cheap princess cut engagement ring vendors on the market, as well as some excellent models they offer, ensuring you find the perfect one for you.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsOne of our all-time favorites, Angara is a brand renowned for quality and a gorgeous, extensive collection of rings. Whether you’re looking for bridal sets, engagement rings, wedding rings, or everyday wear, you’ll find it all at Angara.

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The brand combines great quality with even better prices and designs, so it comes as no surprise that the brand is the year’s No.1 online jewelry brand in the books of Newsweek, or that it has tie ups with names like Harvard and Natori!

Angara’s engagement rings span over 40 gemstones, 6 metals, 18 designs and styles and 15 gemstone cuts. The brand’s princess cut engagement rings start at prices as low as $239 and go up to over $5,000.

However, if you’re looking for cheap rings, Angara is a great bet not only for the cheap starting price, but also because the brand offers free shipping, a lifetime warranty on its products, a 30-day exchange/refund offer and even free engraving.

You can also pay for your purchase in installment-free, additional-charges-free installments. All rings are custom made on order, so you know you’re getting a well-fitting ring made especially for you and as per your specifications.

All of $638, the princess cut Enhanced Black Diamond Knot Ring stole our hearts here; a V-prong setting holds the princess cut black diamond, with Celtic knot motifs adorning the band, making for a fetching end product.

If you don’t mind something a little more expensive, give the Wavy Grooved Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring a shot; though it’s priced at $1,016, the gorgeous pave diamond accents and white-diamond embellishments make the price worth it!

If you’re sticking to the $500-600 range, check out their floating and diamond halo rings, priced at $548 and $593, respectively.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsThough Kobelli’s rings seem like it’s a brand reserved for the Tiffany’s and Cartier frequenters, you’ll find that the price tags will prove this thought quite wrong! Los-Angeles-based Kobelli, founded by jewelry designer Kobe Klatz, is known for selling gorgeously-designed, high-quality rings at dirt-cheap prices!

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Kobelli’s princess cut diamond engagement rings, though slightly more expensive than Angara, start at quite a reasonably low $349—though each ring looks like a million bucks!

If you’d like to stick to this range, check out their Diamond Cathedral Setting 0.25-Carat Invisible-Set Princess and Halo Engagement Ring, a 10k white ring gold featuring 46 princess-cut diamonds.

If you’re ready to up the ante a little (by $200, to be precise), you must consider the Princess and Round Diamond Engagement Ring, a gorgeous white gold ring featuring 14 stone (princess and round cuts, as the name suggests!) and priced at a reasonable $684.

If you’re a sucker for more elaborate designs, the Diamond Square Halo Invisible-Set Split Shank Ring is just the thing; 65 princess cut diamonds sit in an invisible setting, with a halo of round-cut diamonds too. This ring is priced at $693.

What further makes Kobelli a great brand for cheap princess cut engagement rings is that apart from an installment-payment system like Angara’s, the brand also offers extremely efficient, reasonably-priced customization services. You can get a ring made from scratch or have an existing design modified; your first consultation with their design team also comes free! Additionally, the rings come with a lifetime warranty and the stones with conflict-free guarantees.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsThe third brand that sells the best cheap princess cut engagement rings (and best cheap jewelry, too) is Super Jeweler, a brand known for a large collection that can cater to any budget.

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Super Jeweler’s princess cut engagement rings start at $299, with their 0.75-carat Princess Cut Black Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring starting off the collection. The ring, set in sterling silver, features a gorgeous black diamond in the middle and a simple yet lovely design.

The 0.25-carat Princess Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring is also similar, though its white-gold make makes it more expensive than the black diamond ring; the ring, featuring a solitaire, is priced at $699.

Super Jeweler is also a great brand to go with because you get some of the cheapest yet most gorgeous bridal sets here; the Pave Halo Diamond Bridal Set starts at a mere $399, while the Princess and Round Diamond Bridal Set starts at $799.

Additionally, Super Jeweler offers free engraving and very reasonably-priced customization services. You can get a competitor’s design made for half the price or have your own dream ring built for you. You can also pay in installments like with the other two; however, interest is chargeable on installments paid after 6 months of the date of the purchase.

In Conclusion

Princess cut diamonds are all the rage and understandably so. There really isn’t much to hate about the cut—a fact evident in the growing number of fingers that sport it. For the best quality, designs, style and prices, head to one of our recommended brands above; among these 3 brands, you’re sure to find the best cheap princess cut engagement rings the market has to offer!

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