cheap sapphire engagement rings

Cheap Sapphire Engagement Rings

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But cliches aside, if you are looking for gemstones in a bunch of different colors, you might want to take a look at sapphires. And don’t worry about the price because we have looked around and put together a list of places with a collection of cheap sapphire engagement rings.

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Cheap Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires have been a popular choice for a long time. In an unusual way, they are traditional and trendy at the same time which makes them perfect for something old, something new and your little something blue. Now, when it comes to your choices of cheap sapphire engagement rings, look no further.

Angara Rings

Pink, blue or teal, You name it and Angara Rings will present a sapphire in front of you. And they will find something in your budget range.

From the Solitaire Sapphire Bypass Promise Ring with Diamond Accents which starts at $249 to something like the Semi Bezel-Set Solitaire Round Pink Sapphire Bypass Ring which can cost you as high as $2,769, there are a variety of options for those who want this pretty gemstone in a cut, size and pricing that makes their special day extra special.

Kobelli Rings

Our second choice for cheap sapphire engagement rings is Kobelli Rings. These good folks have been around for more than a couple of decades and have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Their sapphire engagement rings also start at the range of $250 and can go as high as $4,379 depending on the add ons and specifications you give them. And like every good jeweler, they offer most of these rings from sizes 4 to 11. Their delivery is quick, the payment options are flexible and you can even donate a little something for COVID-19 relief if you’d like to.

Super Jeweler Rings

The norm is to save the best for the last but all of our choices are A-listers. So we’ll spare you that marketing gimmick. Super Jewelers is also a brand not unfamiliar with customer demands.

They have been making specialized rings for a long time to understand your affinity towards this precious blue gemstone. Whether you want just a sapphire or want to play mix and match with another stone, they will get it done right away and ship it to you as soon as they possibly can. Check out their collection. It’s pretty terrific, even if we say so ourselves.

The Bottom Line

Each of these jewelers has not only spent decades figuring out what you want but also respects your time and gives you products that are value for your money.

They also offer monthly payment schemes in case your cash is stuck elsewhere and offer free shipping because they know that’s the way to take care of you.

After all, you’re still just looking for an engagement ring and they would like you to come back with your partner for the wedding ring. Simple as that.

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