cheap silver engagement rings

Cheap Silver Engagement Rings

When you decided to start shopping for engagement rings, you must have heard of the different metals that you could choose from. If you’re on a tight budget you would definitely be considering silver rings out of the many options available to you. On your quest to find the perfect silver ring, you might have come across the term sterling silver. What exactly is sterling silver and is it different from pure silver?

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Pure silver contains 99.9% natural silver and 0.1% trace elements. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% hard metals like copper, zinc or nickel. Pure silver is extremely soft, malleable and ductile. It is too soft to make fine jewelry and is not the best option for daily wear or rough use. Most of the engagement rings marketed as silver rings are, in fact, sterling silver rings. This metal is easier to work with and hence produces durable jewelry.

Let’s take a look at some cheap silver engagement rings.

Angara Rings

If you’re looking for a versatile and extensive collection of silver jewelry online, then Angara is the place to go. The great thing about getting jewelry from Angara is that you can get almost all of their designs in a variety of gemstone qualities and metal types. You can mix and match metals and gemstones to find a variant that fits your budget.

Gemstone and silver combinations are an affordable and chic choice for an engagement ring. Check out this Bar-Set Solitaire Round Garnet By-Pass Ring if you want to add a pop of color to your partner’s hand. The reddish hue of the garnet complements the elegance of the sterling silver band. You can get this beautiful ring at just $239.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli has been in the jewelry business for four decades. They have used their expertise in the field to create unique designs crafted from conflict-free gemstones. They offer collections that suit every couple’s budget.

This Oval Gemstone Silver Ring comes in three variants. You can choose peridot, citrine or amethyst as your oval center stone. You can also go for yellow gold or white gold plating on top of the sterling silver base. Gold plating will help you get the look of a gold ring without the added cost.

They specialize in a wide array of gemstone jewelry, but their collection of silver engagement rings is relatively small. But don’t worry they will customize your dream ring for you in silver.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jewelers has been a global player in the online jewelry scene since 1999. Although Super Jewelers offer an extensive collection of jewelry online, their silver pieces are limited.

However, you can always get a design of your choosing customized in silver. In the meantime, check out the stunning collection that they have online.

This Moissanite and Created Sapphire Ring is perfect for those who want the look and feel of a diamond ring but not the financial strain that accompanies getting a diamond. At just $300, you can get your hands on this elegant and classy piece.


Cheap silver engagement rings are a great choice if you don’t want to blow your entire wedding budget on getting the perfect engagement ring. Many jewelers offer a good collection of silver engagement rings that provide the look and feel of an expensive ring at a fraction of the cost.

If you have trouble finding your dream ring in silver, you can always choose to get it customized!

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