cheap simple engagement rings

Cheap Simple Engagement Rings

Your engagement is a special event and marks the beginning of a new phase in life. However, there is often pressure on couples to make their wedding or courtship special by breaking the bank over jewelry. But there is no rulebook that says you need expensive overtures to affirm your love for a partner. There is no shame in looking for cheap, simple engagement rings.

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In fact, the following are some of the best places you can find a special ring for yourself:

Angara Rings

Angara Rings is one of the best places to consider if you are looking for cheap, simple engagement rings. The brand does a great job with designs that center gemstones. Be it garnet, sapphire, topaz, or even diamonds—you can be assured that the designs you get here will be incredible.

The following is a piece from Angara we like a lot:

Bar-Set Solitaire Round Garnet Bypass Ring: This is a simple but incredible design that features a round garnet in a beautiful bar setting. The ring has shanks that hold the stone from either end, giving it an interesting geometric design. The garnet has a striking reddish-brown hue. The piece we have picked out is in silver, but you can also opt for the 14K gold rings though they will cost slightly more.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli Rings is another great place to look for cheap, simple engagement rings. Kobelli is a brand that keeps in mind budget constraints but does not compromise on the design aspect. The rings are delicate and often have classic designs, with an innovative touch of the modern or contemporary.

The following is a piece we particularly liked:

Black Diamond Chain Ring: This is an interesting and innovative design that has a round, black diamond at its center and a chain instead of a band. While most chains are design elements that are seen in bracelets or necklaces, the use of it in a ring is a unique direction for the design. The piece we have picked is in 14K rose gold, but the design is also available in yellow and white gold.

Super Jeweler Rings

If you are looking for cheap, simple engagement rings, Super Jeweler Rings is a place that offers some of the most incredible discounts. The brand has been around since 1999 and is a seasoned player in the market, whether that is when it comes to designs, competitive prices, or customer service.

The following is a piece we liked a lot:

3/4 Carat Princess Cut Black Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver: This is a stunning design with a princess cut black solitaire diamond. The gorgeous stone is set in a silver band, and the stark contrast of the white shine of the silver and the black elegance of the diamond makes this piece unique.

In Conclusion

The brands that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the business, not only because they offer good prices but also because the design is never compromised even if the price is low. We hope you find something you like!

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