cheap engagement rings under 200

Cheap Engagement Rings under 200

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Weddings are an exciting but also an exorbitantly expensive affair. If you are looking to do a wedding on a budget, there is no shame in cutting costs. The engagement ring is one of the first places you can be judicious about finances and still find something special. The following are brands where we think you can find great but also cheap engagement rings under $200.

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Top 3 Cheap Engagement Rings Under 200

Angara Rings

Angara Rings is one of the first places you should explore if you are looking for cheap engagement rings under $200. The brand does a spectacular job of working with gemstones and exquisite designs, while still being easy on the pocket. There are several beautiful gemstone designs you could consider at Angara, including garnets, diamonds, amethyst, etc.

The following is a piece we liked at Angara:

Bar-Set Solitaire Round Garnet Bypass Ring: This is a truly exquisite design that you can get for $199, and perhaps even lesser if you choose a different quality for the stone. At $199 you can heirloom quality, which is the best in the Angara hierarchy.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli Rings is another wonderful option for cheap engagement rings under $200. We think the brand does an incredible job of incorporating a modern touch into classic designs. You will find several delicate pieces that channel a vintage aesthetic, imbued with a touch of the contemporary.

Kobelli is another brand that is known for its designs with gemstones. You can explore options with black diamonds, topaz, sapphire, etc. However, for the budget that has been defined here, a black diamond ring may be the best option.

The following is one such black diamond piece we found striking:

Black Diamond Chain Ring: This is a truly unique design that we think very few people are likely to have, making you stand apart from the rest. The chain is usually something one considers when thinking of a bracelet or a necklace. But incorporating the chain into the engagement ring is a truly novel idea. The piece we have picked out is crafted in 14K rose gold. However, the design is also available in 14K white and yellow gold.

Super Jeweler Rings

If you are looking for great discounts and cheap engagement rings under $200, Super Jeweler Rings must be one of the places you consider. The brand has been around since 1999 and has been bringing happiness to people’s doorsteps with incredible discounts on jewelry people consider special and precious. While the prices are so unbelievable, the brand is still mindful of the design and does not compromise on that at all.

The following is a piece we found striking:

0.08 Carat Diamond Bridal Set In Sterling Silver: This is an excellent option not only because it is a great design, but also because you can get your engagement ring as well as your wedding ring within the same purchase. While the list price for the piece is $199, you can get the set for as little as $49!

In Conclusion

The names that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the market. These brands also offer frequent discounts and also have a great range of designs. We think, and certainly do hope that you will find something special here for your special day.

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