Cheap Engagement Rings Under 500

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cheap engagement rings under 500Weddings are a memorable but certainly expensive affair. There are a host of things you need to worry about while organizing a wedding—the flowers, the catering, guest lists, outfits, etc. But even before the wedding arrives, there is an expense that most couples like to undertake—the engagement ring.

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This one piece of jewelry unlocks a world of excitement as you count down the days to your wedding. But even if your engagement period is a long one, the ring is a great way to keep the excitement going. It is a piece of jewelry that you hold on to as you look forward to your big day.

Of course, this is also the jewelry that will make it to your Instagram posts! So it cannot be anything short of stunning, certainly! Having said that, an engagement ring is still an expense you must incur.

But if you are looking to keep things low key and not blow all your savings on just a wedding, there are plenty of options for affordable engagement rings under $500. The following are some of the brands where we think you will find the perfect engagement rings on a budget.

Best Cheap Engagement Rings Under 500

These are the top sources for the cheap engagement rings under 500 bucks on the market, thoroughly compared for you.




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Top 3 Cheap Engagement Rings Under 500

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the top cheap engagement rings under 500 vendors on the market, as well as some excellent models they offer, ensuring you find the perfect one for you.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsAngara Rings is a brand that we cannot recommend enough when it comes to designs, price points and customer service. The brand has some truly stunning designs that do great justice to classic, vintage cuts while also incorporating a modern twist into these beautiful jewels. Whether you are looking for a vintage cut that will remind your grandmother of her youth or a sleek modern touch that foregrounds polished metals and geometric designs, Angara can offer them all.

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Angara also does an incredible job working with gemstones like sapphire, garnet, aquamarine, etc. While many may think that the gemstone does the work on its own because of how beautiful it is, even the most gorgeous stones can look dull if they are not uplifted with the right kind of design. Angara is well aware of the pitfalls of being complacent in the design just because you have a sparkling gemstone! No matter how exquisite the stone, Angara ensures that it is placed into a design that enhances its beauty manifold.

The following are some of the pieces we liked and think you may appreciate as well.

Bar-Set Solitaire Round Garnet Bypass Ring: This is a simple yet stunning piece of jewelry that any woman would be lucky to have. The round, solitaire garnet looks gorgeous in this 14K white gold ring setting. The ring boasts of a bar setting and two shanks on either end of the garnet that hold the stone safely in place. The sparkling reddish-brown hue of the garnet is an instant conversation starter and you will not be able to take your eyes off it!

Classic Solitaire Oval Amethyst Promise Ring: This is another gorgeous ring from Angara. The solitaire oval amethyst adds a pop of color to the otherwise 14K white gold setting. While this is marketed as a promise ring, not an engagement ring—we think the jewel makes for a stunning engagement ring as well if you are open to making an exception. It looks stunning on the ring finger and the amethyst is sure to ignite conversation! Before you know it, ladies on the subway will approach you to ask where you got your ring from.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsKobelli Rings is another brand that no amount of praise does justice to. What we like about this brand the most is how stunning their designs are with gemstones. Again, as we described with Angara, while the gemstones are beautiful on their own, they do need the support of a good and strong design element. Kobelli has internalized this message and goes above and beyond when it comes to giving the gems the design and setting they deserve.

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Peridot, red ruby, diamonds, topaz, etc.—name the stone and you will find a design that will take your breath away! If you are looking for affordable engagement rings under $500, we think Kobelli will be a place you will find what you are looking for and will not mind parting with your money. The designs are striking, modern, luxurious, as well as complete value for money. In fact, this is a place where you would even try to stretch your purse strings further given that the designs are so good. However, it is unlikely that you will need to as you are sure to find something stunning even under $500.

The following are some of the pieces we liked and think you will too:

Dainty Halo Diamond Ring 14K White Gold: This is a beautiful and remarkable design that works with diamonds in a unique way. There are 33 diamonds in this beautiful ring, placed in a neat prongs setting. The central, solitaire diamond is round in shape and is surrounded by smaller diamonds making a halo around the big stone. There are also smaller diamonds that adorn the band around the solitaire. With so many sparkling diamonds in this ring, one would imagine it costs a lot. Surprisingly not, though!

Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring 1/4 Carat: This is a simple and stunning three-stone engagement ring. The diamond in the center is the biggest at 1/10 carat. On either side, the solitaire is flanked by two smaller diamonds in a prong setting. However, if you went by the name and thought this beautiful ring had only three stones, then look more closely. There are even smaller stones on the band taking the total number of stones in this stunning ring to 17.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsIf you are looking for affordable engagement rings under $500 Super Jeweler Rings is one of the best places to explore. The brand is known for its incredible discounts so even if you have your eyes on a design that is outside your budget, there is a good chance that you can avail of a discount that makes it affordable.

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Super Jeweler Rings has been around since 1999 and the brand is proud of being part of so many engagement stories. What is great about these stories is that they also include couples, young and old, who are looking for simple engagement rings that do not cost a lot of money.

It is a brand that has priced its products in a way that everybody can find something within their budget. After all, everyone deserves the chance to have the perfect wedding with the perfect engagement ring. No rule book dictates that a ring has to be expensive for it to be perfect.

The following are some of the pieces we liked and think you may as well:

1/2ct Engagement Three Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold: This beautiful three-diamond engagement ring is crafted in 14K white gold. The round-brilliant diamonds are natural and earth mined.

The white gold band is highly polished and shiny and the three diamonds only elevate the look further. According to the design description offered by the website, the three diamonds also represent the past, present and future—important symbols for when you are about to embark on a new phase of life.

Often, people have unpleasant experiences they want to forget about in their past. However, you cannot always forget your past, so it is best to make peace with it and make it a strength instead of trauma. The central diamond represents the present moment, encouraging you to live every second of it. And finally, the third diamond is an invitation into your new life and future.

1/2 Carat Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring In 14 Karat White Gold: This moissanite solitaire engagement ring has a classic design. Crafted in 14K white gold, this ring channels a modest vintage design that centers the beauty of the stone. The sparkling moissanite has flashes of rainbow colors in it depending on how the light is falling on it.

The four-prong setting is a simple and neat arrangement for a ring that prides itself on a straightforward, no-hassle design. The hero of this ring is the moissanite solitaire and all the colors of the rainbow it channels when the light falls on it.

In Conclusion

There you have it—the best names in the market where you can find the perfect engagement ring for under $500. The pieces that we have picked out for you are the ones that we found most striking.

However, these are only examples and you are, of course, free to go through the websites and find something that suits your requirements perfectly. What we like about each of these brands is that they keep design at the fore, even if the budget is a factor.

The rings do not break the bank, but at the same time, nobody can look at them and tell that they are priced low. They are perfectly sophisticated designs for an intimate and affordable wedding. We hope you find something special for your special day!

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