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cheap wedding bandsWhen the stakes are high, you need to take care of the tiniest of details. Your wedding day is one of those days. And even if the wedding band is possibly the smallest item on your list, it is the most important one. After all, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. No pressure!

A lot of couples struggle with the balancing act between romance plus style and budget. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. There are a lot of places that can help you make that decision.

Best Cheap Wedding Bands

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Top 3 Cheap Wedding Bands

The key to finding a selection of cheap wedding bands that will melt your heart is to find a jeweler who understands your taste and is able to give you that in your budget. When it comes to looking at a jewelers’ selection, you must look for as many options as possible. Because even after you find the ring you like, there will be a few more decisions to make. For example, if you want diamond rings, you still need to figure out if you want regular ones or black diamonds. Then there is the size, shape, color and clarity of the diamond.

After that, you must select the setting in which the diamond is arranged on the wedding band. From prong to bezel to halo, the choices are endless. Next up is picking the metal in which that rock looks truly great. Traditionally, the choices are gold, silver and platinum. But in the past few years, alternate metals like titanium and zirconium have become quite popular. And yes, they look so darn trendy too.

If picking jewelry is not your thing at all and this seems a bit too much for you to handle, you don’t have to fret over it. Before you start looking for choices, it is important to remember that the perfect jeweler is not the one with the biggest collection. Although that is a big factor, you must also look for one that offers reasonable discounts, convenient shipping and return policies along with insurance for the ring.

To make that quest easy, we have put together three jewelers who will help you balance your love for each other along and the budget for your big day. Ready for the ride? Let’s go.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsThese guys have some great news right off the bat. You get a 12 percent discount right away if you become a preferred subscriber. Enter your email ID and get a coupon delivered to your inbox. Let the cost-cutting begin.

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About the jeweler. Named after the Sanskrit word for “the fire within,” this has been a family gemstone-making business for several generations. They specialize in cutting, polishing and designing gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites and diamonds for engagement rings and wedding bands.

They were catering to retailers globally till 2005 when they decided to open their business to the public. Today, they do stone cutting, designing, manufacturing and quality control themselves. With some impressive partnerships, they cater to customers in over 64 countries with their base in the US.

When looking for cheap wedding bands, you will find that Angara Rings hundreds of them lined up for your pleasure. The wedding bands pricing starts at $139 and can go, well, as high as you want depending on your choices. Let’s take a peek into their collection.

Low Dome Two Tone 8mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band: If you are looking for something understated but classy, you might like this wedding band. It is a low dome band with a two-tone finish. The band itself is made of tungsten carbide and is smooth around the edges in a comfort fit. It will be custom made after you place the order with details of your ring size.

You have the option of selecting a delivery date. It is a fully insured ring that you will have to sign for when it arrives. The shipping and return is free within the US. You can pay for it in multiple installments and you will also get a free gift with your order. This wedding band comes with a lifetime guarantee and there is an extended return policy on it. Don’t wait too long to place the order!

Single Sided Diamond Criss-Cross Infinity Ring: This is a diamond ring which is designed in a criss-cross pattern to form an infinity twist. There are a total of 13 diamonds that are featured in a prong setup and placed on a 14-karat yellow gold band.

It is elegant and encrusting with twinkling diamonds as a symbol of eternal love and togetherness. It looks great by itself and when stacked on an engagement ring. So, that’s a win. This wedding band comes with a certificate of authenticity and the shipping and return services are free within the US. Angara Rings offers flexible payments options for this wedding band along with a free gift.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsThese good folks have been in the diamond industry for a few decades and have been deeply involved in buying and cutting diamonds themselves. Forty years ago, they created their own manufacturing company and brought Kobelli Rings to life. Ever since, they have been manufacturers and importers of diamonds and diamond-encrusted jewelry.

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They think of their designs as works of art which is tremendous news for you. From the classic three-stone rings to innovative designs, they have got them all covered. They are big fans of fancy center stones with accent diamonds and shaped diamonds on the side.

They have been suppliers to retailers for a long time before opening their business up to the public. Now, you can find them online in top e-commerce sites all over the world. Kobelli Rings also pride themselves in dealing only in conflict-free diamonds, based on personal knowledge if not written guarantees from suppliers. And if you’re not entirely convinced, they do deal in lab-made diamonds too.

Their collection is a bit fancier than Angara Rings but pretty spectacular as a result. They have a vast collection of cheap wedding bands that feature stackable rings and wedding bands for both men and women. The rings come in white, yellow and rose gold options along with Elysium, platinum and tungsten. They have a range of gemstones that can be shaped in half a dozen styles. Let’s look at a couple of samples.

Set of 6 Rose Gold Gemstone Rings: With a reflection of rainbow colors, this one is a really pretty wedding band. This is a stack of six sleek rings that are decorated with six colorful gemstones. The stones are placed in six individual 10 karat rose gold bands. It has amethyst, London blue topaz, peridot, light citrine, dark citrine and garnet.

Each of the stones is cut round in shape and has 1.75 mm width and the band itself is 1.06 mm wide. The stones weigh 1/6 carat and all of them are arranged in a prong setting. It has an ostentatious look symbolizing elegance and luxury.

Black and Rose Celtic Dragon Inlay Band: This one can be perceived as loud but it is truly trendy. It is a great wedding band for men. It is in black tungsten and has a colored celtic dragon inlay. At 8 mm width, this wedding band is all about comfort while exuding fashion. On top of all that, the surface is scratch resistant which makes it highly durable. It is meant to last a lifetime, like your love.

Diamond Two Tone Braided Eternity Band: This one is special. If you are looking for some understated fashion statements, you found her. This two-tone stackable diamond ring is a stylish piece of jewelry which is crafted with 10 karat gold in a high-polish finish.

The band itself is a weaved braid twist design in tones of warm pink gold and bright white gold. And it is decorated with round-cut diamonds that are natural and earth mined. The wedding band is available from sizes four to 11.

The product will be shipped to you in a giftable box with discrete outer packaging. You will have to sign for the delivery which will be expedited from southern California. And it is under Kobelli warranty unless you tampered with it.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsSuper Jeweler Rings has been buying diamonds for the last 50 years with professionals in the business. They believe that buying gemstones is at the heart of the jewelry business. From their president to the staff that you would talk to in a store, the professionals all have decades of collective experience that helps them help you choose from their perfect and cheap wedding bands. They are extremely proud of their products and the price at which they are able to offer it to you.

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Super Jeweler Rings are also well known to be the folks who are somewhat experts in custom-made wedding bands. Their staff is attentive to details and is good at producing high-quality jewelry for reasonable prices. It is also easy for them to make this offer because of their in-house factory and deliver the ring to you at the earliest. With over 35,000 styles, they have a really good collection. Let’s take a look.

They offer a 25 percent discount that you can avail using a code. The pricing of their collection starts at a comfortable $129. The final price, however, depends on the specific choices you make.

Whether it is vintage rings or halo rings or exclusively right hand rings, Super Jeweler rings have all of them neatly categorized. That means, you have a lot of webpages to peruse. So get a cup of Joe and get comfortable. The selection is going to knock your boots off!

Five Diamond Wedding Band: This is a diamond wedding band that has five gorgeous diamonds in H-I color and I1-I2 clarity. The total weight is 0.05 carat on a band that is made of 10 karat rose gold. They are earth mined diamonds that are untreated and in a round-brilliant cut.

They are featured in a four-prong setting on a band that is 2 mm wide and you can change it to white gold or yellow gold if you like it better that way. The weight of the metal is 1.3 grams and the ring sizes start at 4 and go on till 9.5.

Five Diamond Bezel Set Wedding Band: This is another diamond wedding band that also has five sparkling diamonds in H-I color and I1-I2 clarity. The total weight of the diamonds comes up to 0.05 carat and they are all earth mined and untreated.

All the diamonds are in round-brilliant shape and arranged on the ring in a bezel setting. The band itself is 2 mm wide and is available in 10 karat white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. It weighs 1.6 grams.

Ladies and Mens .05ct Diamond Band in Titanium: Then there is this simple and elegant diamond wedding band for men and women which is a unique creation of Super Jeweler Rings.

It has three fantastic diamonds of H-I color and I1-I2 clarity. They are all untreated natural diamonds and weigh 0.05 carat featuring a round-brilliant shape. The diamonds are arranged on a titanium wedding band that comes from sizes 3.5 to 13.5 and evidently in half sizes. The titanium is scratch-free and bottom is 4 x 2 mm (width x thickness).

All of these wedding bands come with free shipping and a 60-day hassle-free return policy. They also have Super Jeweler insurance. You must check out the details before placing the order.

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In Conclusion

Finding a jeweler can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to start. So, we are glad to be able to help you out. It is one of the most important ways of finding your way to keeping the costs under control. With more and more couples opting for simple ceremonies and understated fashion accessories, it is not that hard to find a cheap wedding band as long as you and your jeweler are in agreement. Hopefully, we were able to help. Good luck on your big day!

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