cheap matching wedding bands

Cheap Matching Wedding Bands

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We understand just how big the pressure of picking out the right rings to mark your big day is. After all, you and your partner are going to wear your rings for life, as a symbol of your ‘in sickness and in health, till death do us ‘part’!

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Thank heavens, then, that some jewelry brand, somewhere, thought of making and selling matching wedding bands. Thank heavens and everything else, then, that some jewelry brand, somewhere, thought of making and selling cheap matching wedding bands! No longer do you have to pick between having your dream wedding or having your dream rings—you can have both, folks.

How? By looking through our list of the best brands that make and sell cheap matching wedding bands. Take a look!

The Best Cheap Matching Wedding Bands

Angara Rings

One of the most popular wedding-jewelry brands out there, Angara sells engagement and wedding rings for men and women. The brand, voted the top-selling jewelry brand by American magazine Newsweek and boasting tie-ups with Natori and Harvard, sells a range of rings across many metal options, gemstones, cut, clarity and designs.

Angara sells both bridal sets as well as matching wedding bands for couples. Their cheapest set starts at $219 and to make the financial burden lighter, they even offer financing options, letting you pay in interest-free installments. Apart from this, Angara also offers free shipping, free engraving, 30-day returns/exchanges and a lifetime warranty on its products.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli is “the” brand to go to if you’re looking for a mix of timeless and classic yet chic and modern! The brand, based in Los Angeles, is known for offering quality products to customers, thanks to a team with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Kobelli’s wedding band sets start at $280 and go up to $399. The uniqueness of each band’s design is something we’re yet to see in other brands! Rings are available in all shades of gold (14k) as well as a range of alternative metals (titanium, Elysium, tungsten carbide and Damascus steel), designs such as contoured, curved and straight and diamond shapes and cuts such as round and princess.

Like Angara, Kobelli also lets you pay in interest-free installments for your purchase and offers free shipping, engraving, 30-day returns and a limited lifetime warranty on its jewelry.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler’s wedding band sets start as low as $299; unsurprising, considering that Super Jeweler is one of those few brands that offer high-quality products at ridiculously low prices—and no, there’s no catch! Rings are available in standard metals like gold, as well as alternative metals like Titanium. The brand sells both bridal sets and wedding band sets.

Super Jeweler also offers financing options (though these are not as flexible as Angara’s or Kobelli’s), free engraving, reasonably-priced high-quality customization services, lifetime guarantees and 60-day returns/exchanges.

Rockford Collection

New-York-based Rockford is a pioneer in innovative, iconic wedding bands designed to look way ahead of their time! Though the brand is a luxury brand exclusively for men, they do make an exception for wedding sets. Though the options are limited, they’re designed to perfectly complement each other and work well together.

As mentioned, Rockford is a luxury brand, with sets starting at $3,000. Sets are available in the standard shades of gold, as well as two-tone gold. The brand even lets you buy only one ring in a set, or buy two rings of one design in the set. Rockford also offers 30-day returns and financing options, as well as customization services.

The Final Word

Angara, Kobelli, Super Jeweler and Rockford are brands known for having struck the perfect balance between quality and reasonable pricing, so it’s only justifiable that many folks turn to these brands for their big day. If you’re looking for cheap matching wedding bands, we highly recommend that you consider them too!

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