cheap wedding band sets

Cheap Wedding Bands Sets

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With all the activity, hullabaloo and the stress of a wedding, the bride and groom really don’t need the added stress of picking out rings for their big day. One partner has it worse, having to pick out an engagement ring to pop the question! Fortunately (or unfortunately), rings are an inevitable part of traditional weddings, whether it’s the engagement ring or wedding bands. After all, they’re going to be symbols of your love and commitment to each other in all the years to come!

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This is where wedding band sets come in super handy. These are sets that include matching bands for the couple or a matching engagement ring and wedding band for the bride. Not only are these sets time savers (since you don’t have to spend hours looking for matching rings in a million places), but they’re also cost savers, especially when you know where to look for the best cheap wedding bands sets.

If you don’t know where to look, worry not! We’re here to start off your search (and possibly end it, too!) with four brands that always step up to the plate and offer extremely cheap products without compromising on quality. Read on!

The Best Cheap Wedding Bands Sets

Angara Rings

Angara is an extremely popular brand, voted the #1 online jewelry brand by Newsweek, for wedding bands. The brand offers an extensive collection spanning many metals, stones, designs and cuts. There’s a ring for every budget out there and in this, case a wedding band set for every budget out there!

Angara sells both bridal sets and wedding band sets (the former has an engagement and wedding for the bride only, whereas the latter has matching wedding bands for both partners). The gorgeous bridal sets start as low as $219—you can get the Split Shank Amethyst Engagement Ring with Wedding Band at this price, a gorgeous set with an engagement ring featuring an oval amethyst in a four-prong setting with round diamonds on either side and a simple, contouring wedding ring that complements the engagement ring. For a matching wedding band set, you can pick two matching rings from the many the brand offers.

Angara offers free shipping, free engraving, 30-day returns/exchanges and the option of paying in installments for your purchase.

Kobelli Rings

Next on the list is Kobelli Rings, a hot favorite for wedding jewelry in Los Angeles. The brand, founded by designer Kobi Klatz, offers a limited but lovely range of matching wedding band sets. The rings are slightly more expensive than the ones offered by Angara—they start at $330, but are well worth the price.

We particularly liked the unconventional shape and beauty of the Diamond Wedding Band priced at $399. Set in 14k white gold (but also available in rose and yellow gold), the ring features a curved, diamond-studded band (earth-mined) and comes with a matching engagement ring. The Contoured Diamond Band is another gorgeous ring set to consider, priced at $399.

Kobelli, like Angara, offers free shipping, free engraving, limited lifetime warranties, customization services, 30-day returns and the option of paying in installments.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler is your best for cheap yet high-quality products and their wedding band sets are no exception! The cheapest bridal set starts at $299—the Heart-Shaped Diamond Claddagh Bridal Set in 14k white gold. If you’re game to extend your budget a bit more, consider the 14k Rose Gold Round Diamond Wedding Band with its matching engagement ring.

Super Jeweler offers free shipping, free engraving, lifetime warranties, 60-day returns and financing options. Super Jeweler also offers the best customization services among the brands on this list—you can have a design created from scratch or have a design you like replicated to the tiniest detail for a fraction of the price.

Rockford Collection

New-York-based Rockford Collection rounds off our list, a brand popular for its iconic, unique jewelry designed for the man of today—yes, they’re exclusively for men. However, the only exception they make is in their wedding band sets, selling these for both men and women (we also love that they sell sets for ‘him and him’ and ‘her and her’!). Each set is perfectly balanced, matched and designed to complement each other.

Rockford is on the more expensive side of things—their cheapest sets start at $4,000, but each set is a head turner. Additionally, you can buy only one ring from the set or two of the same design and even have them engraved or customized as you wish.

If you’re looking for something minimalistic, classy and elegant, the Franklin Gold Matching Black Diamond Wedding Band Set, priced at $4,910, is worth every penny! You can get the ring in either platinum, rose or yellow gold. Another great set is the Briggs Two-Tone Gold Matching Black Diamond Wedding Band Set—priced at $4,020, it also works out cheaper than the Franklin set.

Rockford also offers free shipping, 30-day returns and financing options.

The Bottom Line

With these brands in the picture, shopping for the ring (or in this case, rings!) of both your dreams has never been easier. Each offers a range of matching rings, whether they’re bridal sets or wedding band sets, so head to one of these for rings to mark your big day!

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