cheap wedding bands under 100

Cheap Wedding Bands under $100

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Weddings can turn out to be one crazily expensive affair, so nobody blames the bride and bridegroom for wanting to cut down the costs as much as possible. After all, you’re essentially throwing a party (even if it’s possibly the biggest one of your life!) and when you look at it that way, it may be prudent to spend wisely.

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While you can cut down on food, decor and other logistics, we give you a better savings option—cheap wedding bands under $100! Yes, these do exist and even better, they don’t look anything less than a million bucks, even if they’re priced at one-hundredth the rate. But beware—this isn’t a default standard that holds true for every cheap wedding band out there. Some rings look nice on the big screen but turn out to be diametrically opposite in real life.

Therefore, know the brands you can trust to give you the best quality at the given price. We’re making the homework a little easier by covering three brands that are known for their quality offerings and don’t scrimp on quality to give you cheap wedding bands under $100. Take a look!

The Best Wedding Bands under $100

Kobelli Rings

A favorite of ours, Los-Angeles-based Kobelli Rings is owned by designer Kobi Klatz, who has all things ‘diamond jewelry’ literally in his blood—jewelry design is a legacy in the Klatz family. Kobelli is known for elegant, sophisticated designs that cover a range of aesthetics, from minimalistic to supremely elaborate. They also offer a range of rings in alternative metals, keeping the choice varied.

Kobelli’s tungsten carbide rings start as low as $117 and if you’re open to spending slightly more, you can get a 14k white-gold curved ring at a mere $169. (In the former case, we particularly loved the Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 8 MM that’s all kinds of smooth and sleek, as well as the Celtic Dragon High Polish Comfort Fit Ring with its precious, intricate Celtic dragon inlay. For the latter, check out the White Gold Curved Wedding Band.) Spend around $10 more and you can get yourself some beautiful diamond rings in white, yellow, or rose gold, standalone and stackables. (The Fashion Diamond Ring totally stole our hearts!)

To further sweeten the deal, Kobelli offers free shipping, a limited lifetime warranty (including on moissanite) on its products, a 30-day return/exchange policy and the option of paying in interest-and-charges-free installments. They even offer very reasonably-priced customization services. Win-win? We think so!


Another favorite, Angara’s achievements speak for the brand—it’s American magazine Newsweek’s top online jewelry brand and has managed partnerships with names such as Natori and Harvard. To further add to its popularity, Angara stocks one of the widest collections of quality wedding bands, starting from $139 and going all the way up to $4,500, in 6 different metals and over 15 stones, designs and cuts.

Angara’s cheapest band is their Plain Wedding Band with Secret Diamond at $139—as the name suggests, this wedding band has a little secret, hidden diamond on the inside, (which we think is very cool!) and if you buy it in sterling silver with a ‘K, I3’-quality stone, it’ll cost you $139. You can further customize the ring (in terms of the stone quality and metal only) and based on this, the cost will vary. If you’re open to spending up to $150, you can also consider the Single-Sided Diamond Criss-Cross Infinity Ring and the Pave Set Round Diamond Milgrain Wedding Band, in sterling silver.

Like Kobelli, Angara also offers free shipping, a lifetime warranty, 30-day returns/exchanges, free engraving and the option of paying in convenient installments. The customization is limited, though—you can only tweak existing designs and only with the options provided by the brand. That apart, Angara’s range of rings is definitely worth considering for your big day!

Super Jeweler Rings

Last on our list is Super Jeweler Rings, but this brand is, by no means, the least—you’ve hit the jackpot with Super Jeweler if you’re looking for high-quality products at unbelievably dirt-cheap prices! Their cheapest wedding band starts at all of $39, unreal, isn’t it?

Super Jeweler’s Two-Tone Men’s Titanium Wedding Band is their cheapest, featuring a gold groove in a titanium body. If you’re partial to stones, the Modern Titanium Wedding Band with a single diamond, for men, with its brushed finish diamond band and single stone in H/I color and I1 clarity, will only set you back by $50 and is worth considering.

Like the other two, Super Jeweler also offers financing options. Their customization services are excellent—you can get your ring designed from scratch or have an existing design replicated down to the last detail, for a cheaper price. Super Jeweler also offers free shipping, lifetime warranties and 60-day returns/exchanges.

The Final Word

When you know where to look, you can find almost anything. For high-quality wedding bands that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, our above-mentioned brands are among your best bets. You can save greatly on your ring and splurge this on your honeymoon, instead. Therefore, consider a ring from one of these brands to mark the start of your new journey.

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