Cheap Wedding Rings Sets for Him and Her

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cheap wedding ring sets for him and herThere is no particular tradition that says couples should match their wedding rings and your wedding ring is an expression of your individuality. However, these days, lots of couples are choosing to purchase “his and her” wedding rings as a symbol of their becoming a single unit.

Planning your wedding can be a very expensive proposition and buying wedding rings can be a steep expense on your long “to-do list”. These days, couples are opting for more inexpensive options of wedding rings for their special day and choosing cheap wedding rings sets for him and her is becoming a popular trend.

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Wedding bands come in varying styles, designs, metals and colors. They may be with/without diamonds or gemstones. And, if you’re looking to buy a wedding set that has been designed to go together, here are some ideas on how you can select the perfect matching his and her wedding ring that is a perfect expression of your harmony with your partner.

Best Cheap Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

These are the top sources for cheap wedding ring sets for him and her on the market, thoroughly compared for you.




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Top 4 Cheap Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

Here you can read in-depth reviews of the top cheap wedding ring sets for him and her on the market, as well as some excellent models we recommend, ensuring you find the perfect one for you.

Angara Rings

Angara RingsAngara (or “the fire within” in Sanskrit), is a family-owned business and has been into fine gemstones for generations. Angara specializes in cutting, polishing and designing sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, diamond and other gemstone jewelry. With manufacturing facilities located in the US, Bangkok and Jaipur, Angara caters to retailers across the globe and in 2005, they decided to sell directly to the public.

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In the past 13 years, Angara has grown to become a notable online jewelry player. Angara has been recognized by Newsweek magazine as the best online jeweler in 2020 and has been written about in several publications including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Daily Candy, Women’s Wear Daily and Crain’s. With over 3 generations of experience in the jewelry business, Angara can work with you and your spouse to find the best wedding rings of your dreams.

Angara has an excellent range of bridal set rings that you can choose at very affordable prices. You can choose from 14K gold (rose, yellow or white) rings embellished with diamonds and other precious gemstones like sapphires, etc. A matching wedding band completes the bridal set rings.

Kobelli Rings

Kobelli RingsFounded by Kobi Katz, who followed his father’s footsteps by joining the diamond industry, Kobelli was born in LA, California. With more than 40 years of experience in jewelry, the company manufactures unique diamond jewelry and also has a vast collection of wedding rings, available from 10K to 18K gold, platinum, titanium and zirconium, etc.

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Kobelli has been selling their jewelry via retailers across the country and today, they carry their vast jewelry collection online, which allows them to pass on the savings to you and offer their jewelry at very affordable prices. Today, the jewelry is sold under both the Kobelli and Annello brands. Kobelli has wedding rings for every kind of customer and budget.

Kobelli has a wide range of cheap wedding rings for him and her. You can choose from tungsten carbide rings to eternity rings in 14K yellow, rose or white gold embellished with multiple diamonds. And, you can find a ring set with rings that are just right for both him and her.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler RingsSuper Jeweler has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years and since 1999, they have been offering stunning jewelry at extremely affordable prices to suit any budget. The company has offices in the United States, India, China and Sri Lanka. Super Jeweler is truly a master jeweler and strives to make amazing jewelry of the highest quality.

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Super Jeweler prides itself in having a huge selection of jewelry in their store or online and has over 35,000 styles. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, Super Jeweler can custom make it for you. Super Jeweler has been featured on several T.V. shows like The Price is Right, The View and Dr. Phil, The Doctors and magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Woman’s World.

Super Jeweler has more than 40 models of wedding ring sets. You can choose from 10K and 14K bands in yellow, rose and white gold embellished with several diamonds or diamonds along with gemstones like aquamarine, rubies, topaz, tanzanite, sapphires or emeralds. And, the wedding rings come along with a matching plain gold band, making them excellent wedding rings for both him and her.

Rockford Collection Rings

Rockford Collection RingsRockford Collection manufactures wedding rings for men and their collection of jewelry is designed and handcrafted in their New York City production studio. Renowned for its innovative wedding bands for men, Rockford Collection has redefined jewelry standards. Their creations are a fine blend of symmetry and geometry with high-quality metals, diamonds and gemstones.

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Apart from just wedding bands and rings for men, now, Rockford Collection has iconic wedding ring sets for him and her. These Rockford H2 rings are perfectly designed and matched to work with one another and they are perfectly balanced.

Now, at Rockford Collection, you can find the perfect set of rings for you and your partner. You can choose from the Briggs 2-tone, La Paz, Franklin and Ropes gold matching diamond wedding band sets.

Matching by Style

For decades, matching wedding bands has been the common tradition, although this has become a less popular trend over the years because of changes in personal styles and also preference for an option that is sturdier and damage resistant compared to the traditional yellow gold.

It is not necessary that if your engagement ring is of a particular style, your wedding band should be of the same style and design too. You could buy a ring that complements your engagement ring and also that of your partner’s. Stackable rings are an excellent option by which you can combine your personal style in a way that’s not traditional. Or you could select a wedding ring for you and your partner that is completely different from your engagement ring, creating a completely contrasting style.

Matching by Metal

Typically, wedding rings are made of yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver. These metals have been used in wedding rings for several decades. However, today, there are other newer metals like titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, tungsten, etc. that are becoming quite popular both for their durability, as well as different looks.

When getting rings for you and your partner, you can pick rings in the same metal or you could mix the gold tones. You could also match the metal in your engagement ring to an inlay of a titanium or tungsten metal band for a classy, subtle look and get a matching ring for your spouse.

Matching by Gemstone

If minimal is not your style and you want more bling, you can opt for a wedding band with different gemstones, although, diamonds are the most popular choice. Gemstones look very nice even in men’s wedding rings, set in alternative metals.

If you decide to go in for wedding rings with gemstones, then the choice is all about your personal preference. As mentioned earlier, while diamonds are the most popular option, you could opt for colored diamonds or other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, etc.

The best part is that in the process of finding the perfect rings for you and your partner, you don’t have to sacrifice your style. There are loads of cheap wedding ring sets for him and her that won’t break your bank.

In this article, we have explored several options and brought to you the best brands that offer cheap wedding ring sets for him and her and you’re sure to find wedding rings for you and your partner that both will fall in love with.


We hope that after reading our guide of the best cheap wedding ring sets for him and her, you and your partner are able to find matching rings that you love and cherish, well within your budget.

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