custom diamond engagement rings

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

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Custom diamond engagement rings are an incredible way to make an already beautiful ring even lovelier. If there is a way to make diamonds even more special, it is by adding a customized touch to the jewelry. Who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity of making a diamond even more beautiful?

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We present you with two jewelry brands that can make that happen. The following are two names in the jewelry business you must consider for your engagement ring needs.

Angara Rings

Angara Rings is one of the places to explore if you are looking for custom diamond engagement rings. The brand has several options for you to play around with stone type, number of stones, the cut of the design and more. Even among the regular rings that have not been listed in the custom jewelry options, there are several variations. For any given ring, you can choose the gemstone quality, metal quality and the total carat weight of your choice.

Angara Rings is also an especially good choice if you are looking for diamond engagement rings. The brand has some truly exquisite diamond designs, to which you can also make small tweaks so they match your needs. Often, your heart may be set on one of these diamond designs but something about it makes it unsuitable. But at Angara, it is possible to include several of the elements you like into your own ring.

What’s more, you can do this custom shopping while sitting at home. Their website is all you need. On the home page, find the “Craft Your Own Jewelry” section. The next step is to choose the gem type (in this case ‘diamond’) and jewelry type (in this case an ‘engagement ring’). Once you choose all your filters, the website will throw up all the options that fit your preferences. As mentioned before, out of these options you can also further customize your ring. These customizations will also affect the price of the final ring. The brand has an easy and streamlined process to ensure you find the design you are looking for. The following is a customized piece we liked:

Princess-Cut Diamond Halo Ring with Accents: This beautiful princess-cut diamond ring has accents on the shank that give the main princess-cut diamond a sparkling halo. Designed in 14K white gold, the ring has one princess-cut diamond and 20 round diamonds.

Super Jeweler Rings

Super Jeweler Rings is a name that has been in the business since 1999. In all these years, the brand has been at the heart of several beautiful proposal stories. However, what is also incredible about this brand is not simply their design, but even the prices are incredible. Some of the most stunning designs here will not break the bank. We think this is an important thing as by making the rings more affordable, it allows more people to have a special piece of jewelry for their special day.

Super Jeweler Rings also has some interesting designs using various types of gemstones, but especially with diamonds. The 14K gold rings with diamonds are some of the best and most unique pieces the brand has. But in addition to the rings the website already displays, Super Jeweler Rings is also great for custom diamond engagement rings.

What could be more customized than a ring that has yours or the name of your beloved on it? Super Jeweler Rings allows you to build your own ring, where you choose the metal type and ring size and give them the name you want on the ring (it has to be to 3-9 letters). Once you have done that, the website will place an order for the ring where the name will be written with round-brilliant diamond stones! For instance, if your partner’s name is ‘Sue’, their ring could have that name, not as an engraving but as a diamond design. Each design, no matter what the name, will have 40 stunning diamonds.

In Conclusion

Custom diamond engagement rings are one of the best ways to tell your spouse they are special. It is a beautiful declaration of love that not all jewelry stores offer. The two brands that have been reviewed above are some of the best in the market. Not only because they have incredible designs, but also because they take good care of their customer’s needs and offer ways to make an already beautiful design even more beautiful.

Whether it is through writing your spouse’s name in small diamonds or selecting their favorite diamond cut in an already beautiful design, there are a few different ways to customize the jewelry at these brands. We hope you will find the combination that is perfect for you.

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