custom designed wedding rings

Custom-Designed Wedding Rings

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Your wedding day is going to be all kinds of fun, exciting and thrilling, to say the very least. So, then, why stick to plain and boring when it comes to your rings? Sure; you could pick any one of the million ready-made rings that a million brands out there are selling, but you can’t be assured that these will fit right, are 100% unique and that the design you do like will be in stock (especially if you’re shopping online).

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Instead, you could just save yourself a ton of time and trouble and have your wedding rings customized! Customizing your rings makes them extremely personal, special and as unique as your love story and many brands are doing an excellent job of making dream rings a reality, down to the tiniest stone.

If you’re considering getting custom-designed wedding rings (and you should!), check out the top two brands that have us going gaga with their superb service!

The Best Custom-Designed Wedding Rings

Super Jeweler

Leading online jeweler Super Jeweler is our first pick for the best custom-designed wedding rings. The brand claims to have over 100 years of collective experience in customizing jewelry for their clients, from simple bands to rings that could rival the one the Duchess of Sussex flaunts. They’ll even create competitors’ designs and at a much lower price! Additionally, the brand doesn’t charge you for the design—only the jewelry—which further contributes to a great price deal.

Step 1 is the Super Jeweler design team rendering a hand-drawn sketch of your design. You can send them photos, videos or links to the design you want. Once you do, one of Super Jeweler’s experts will get in touch with you for further discussions and after this call, the brand will create a photorealistic image (computer-aided design or CAD) so you can see what your ring will actually look like, out of your head! This is also the stage where you make any adjustments or tweaks and get your final design.

Once you approve the final design, Super Jewelers creates a 3D-printed ring to be cast in either gold or platinum and post-this step, your ring is ready! Simple, straightforward and hassle-free.


Featured as the no.1 online jewelry brand by American magazine Newsweek, Angara has a beautiful and extensive collection of jewelry, one of the widest online. All of Angara’s rings are anyway custom made on order, but in case you want the design customized, you can choose from any of the designs they offer and tweak it as per your wishes. You can choose from over 40 gemstones, 18 designs, 15 gem shapes and 8 metals; they even offer two-tone gold, tricolor gold and tungsten carbide, in addition to the usual suspects (gold, platinum, rose gold and silver).

However, the brand doesn’t customize designs from scratch; you can only choose from the given options for a particular product, with respect to the total carat weight, gemstone quality, metal type and ring size. Despite that, there’s more than enough to pick from and satisfy you at Angara!

Wrapping Up

Many folks think that customizing rings is more strenuous and time, effort and money consuming than buying a readymade ring, but it’s actually much easier, especially with brands like these in the equation. Additionally, the end result is more than worth it—whether or not you end up saving on it, you have a unique, beautiful, personal ring to mark your milestone!

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